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New to DataIQ?

DataIQ Awards 2019

10 July 2019
18:00 - 23:00
Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Celebrating the Top Performers in Data


Are you an analytics ace? Does your business buzz with brilliant data brains? Have you solved the toughest data and analytics problems by applying people, technology or both?


Then get the recognition you deserve with a DataIQ Award.

Designed to reflect the deep skills, commitment and capabilities of individuals, teams, organisations and solutions, our Awards are the most coveted trophy in the industry. Aligned to the value-driving champions and the challenges they meet, judged by the top tier of practitioners, this is the one to win.


You can find us tweeting @TheDataIQ and use the hashtag #DataIQAwards to stay up to date with the latest news of this event.

Natalie Spence (Sponsorship enquiries)


Gillian Docherty

Gillian Docherty

Chief executive officer
The Data Lab
Anita Fernqvist

Anita Fernqvist

Head of Data Analytics and Architecture
Ramneet Julka

Ramneet Julka

Director - Customer Analytics
Andrew Lynn

Andrew Lynn

Head of Data
Wade Munsie

Wade Munsie

Chief Data Officer
Royal Mail Group
Joe Nathan

Joe Nathan

Vice president of data and analytics
RS Components
Begona Nunez-Herran

Begona Nunez-Herran

Director Data & Insight
Open University
Lynn Pope

Lynn Pope

Head of division data development and operations
St Jamess Place Wealth Management
Rachel Pillsbury

Rachel Pillsbury

Head of Insight
Riveria Travel
Paul Ravenscroft

Paul Ravenscroft

Head of Insight UK Personalisation
Walgreens Boots Alliance
Martin Squires

Martin Squires

Director Data Insight & Analytics
Homeserve GB Ltd
Sudip Trivedi

Sudip Trivedi

Head of data analytics and connectivity
London Borough of Camden


This year we are pleased to reveal that there are 20 awards up for grabs.

1. Best place to work in data

Who it’s for: This award is open to any organisation, client-side or vendor, which has a strong focus on employee satisfaction, creating a positive working environment from top to bottom. Being the best place to work is about more than just offering good jobs - it is an enabling culture.

How to win it: The judges are looking for proof that the organisation understands how to appeal to its staff beyond their financial motivation. This will be demonstrated through high staff retention rates, strong word of mouth, individual success stories and a diverse range of motivational techniques.

2. Most innovative use of AI

Who it’s for: With the use of artificial intelligence (AI) on the rise, this award is for the pioneers who are identifying creative solutions using this technology. The winner will have deployed a new AI-based approach to a business or customer issue in the previous 12 months.

How to win it: To convince the judges, you will need to demonstrate true innovation in the use of AI which has harnessed data, analytics and technology to transform how the organisation operates. They will be looking for evidence that AI has brought something new to the business or the customer experience.

3. Data apprentice of the year

Who it’s for: This award is specifically for individuals who have not studied at university, but instead are taking a technical apprenticeship in the data and analytics sector. They can be currently in the scheme or have completed their apprenticeship within a maximum of 12 months previously. Open to both client- and vendor-side individuals. Age limit 24.

How to win it: A great apprentice brings a fresh mind, enthusiasm and new ideas that just need the right training, development and nurturing. The judges will be looking for evidence that an individual has engaged strongly with the opportunity offered and pushed themselves to both get the maximum value from their apprenticeship and also to deliver it back to their sponsor organisation.

4. Best data and analytics team

Who it’s for: If you are a team of data practitioners - from analytics and insight to data management and governance - working either client- or vendor-side, we want to hear what makes you great.

How to win it: Provide the judges with clear evidence of ground-breaking work you have carried out, but also of the way that all individuals have cohered into a team and show strong communication, support and shared working practices. Positive engagement with external stakeholders is a key dimension to what distinguishes the best from the rest.

5. Best development programme

Who it’s for: Grow-your-own talent is an increasingly important approach to resourcing data and analytics. It is also very appealing for early career candidates. This award is for organisations, client- or vendor-side, who have put in place personal development plans, career paths, training programmes or data apprenticeships.

How to win it: The judges will be looking for real commitment by your organisation to finding, keeping and improving candidates right from the start of their careers. Great stories from individuals who have benefited will be especially persuasive.

6. Best data ethics initiative - Sponsored by Crowe

Who it’s for: The rapid growth in investment by companies in innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and machine learning is driving a discussion on data ethics and how consumer data is used. Fuelled by consumers’ increased awareness of their data rights following the implementation of GDPR, the issue of customer trust has become intrinsically linked with governance, culture and marketing.
This award is for initiatives that move data collection, management, deployment and controls beyond the current compliance required by GDPR and the DPA 2018 toward a values-based perspective.

How to win it: Judges will be looking for evidence of clear consideration by an organisation of the issues surrounding data ethics, tangible and innovative actions that have been implemented and genuine changes in behaviour that have resulted. This might take the form of having implemented a data ethics framework, the setting up of an Information Governance Council (or similar) to consider and govern ethical issues, or the transformation of data-driven processes or analytical solutions (especially in the algorithmic and artificial intelligence domain) to ensure transparency, fairness, explainability and ethical foundations.

7. Best data privacy programme

Who it’s for: Open to any organisation operating as a data controller which has introduced privacy by design or privacy-first processes in the wake of GDPR/DPA. The programme should represent a clear evolution or extension from simple compliance. This category is also open to companies which provide privacy-enabling solutions.

How to win it: Privacy matters to consumers and they are increasingly looking for the brands they engage with to enable their rights, even at the same time as they use services that require a data exchange. The judges will be looking for examples of a balanced approach which recognises that privacy can be respected while still leveraging personal information. They will also consider solutions which put controls and privacy management in place.

8. Best use of data in a marketing programme

Who it’s for: Data is the essential fuel that drives marketing programmes and sits at the heart of the adtech and martech eco-systems. This award is for any campaign, approach or solution which leverages this combination of data and technology to deliver outstanding marketing, either through the engagement it generates or the performance that results.

How to win it: The judges will be looking for real-world examples of how data has been deployed to achieve a significant upshift in a marketing activity. This could be in social, mobile, digital or for customer journeys and customer experience. It is the combination of great marketing strategy with powerful data usage that will define the winner.

9. Breakthrough with data

Who it’s for: Any organisation, client-side or vendor, which has discovered a new data source or created an insight derived from data which has allowed it to achieve a significant uplift in the performance of a process, a reduction in costs, or an improvement in key metrics.

How to win it: The judges will be looking for evidence that the organisation came to a new way of working or achieved a higher level of performance as a direct result of looking closely at data. It is the data-driven outcome that will determine the winner of this award.

10. Customer/CRM success

Who it’s for: Great businesses are based on great customer relationships - this award recognises end-user organisations which have adopted a customer-first approach and embedded customer management and relationship-building into their business model.

How to win it: The judges will be looking for evidence that data and analytics are being used to create innovative, high-performance, customer-centric processes and outcomes. The winner will combine a customer-first strategy with data-driven solutions and be seeing greater profitability and customer satisfaction as a result.

11. Data and analytics leader of the year

Who it’s for: Individuals who have provided leadership both to the data and analytics team they head up and also within their organisation (client-side or vendor) by giving the practice visibility, status, credibility and sustainability.

How to win it: Tell us about how you have taken data and analytics into the boardroom, transformed the performance of a team, led the centralisation or federation of this function, or in some way been the change agent within the business.

12. Data aggregation initiative

Who it’s for: Visibility of customers, markets or products is only truly gained by looking across multiple data sources to gain the fullest possible picture. This award is for any organisation or vendor which has built or contributed to a data eco-system that deepens and enhances the level of understanding which can be achieved.

How to win it: The judges will be looking for a market-leading example of a multi-source data asset built through APIs, matching or integration and delivered either within a single tenancy or multiple client model. Particular attention will be given to data aggregation which has strong governance and compliance at its core and which significantly extends the dimensions of insight which can be achieved.

13. Digital and data champion

Who it’s for: A high-performing individual who is leading the digital transformation or datafication of their organisation. This will involve being the champion for new digital or data-driven processes and solutions to support a compelling new vision for the business.

How to win it: The judges will be looking for evidence that the digital and data champion has been a high-profile advocate within their organisation and a genuine change agent. Evidence that they have led transformation in the processes and solutions will bring out the true champion.

14. Data-driven product or service of the year

Who it’s for: This award is for a new data set or service, either B2C or B2B, introduced to the market in the last 12 months.

How to win it: In the run up to GDPR, the market for data-driven products and services underwent a contraction. The judges are looking for innovation that has helped to restore the power of data to a user base and grow the market for the new compliant data era.

15. Automation and algorithm effectiveness award

Who it’s for: This award is for an end-user organisation which has deployed automation or developed algorithms that have significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of internal processes. It is also open to vendor-side partners who have developed models on behalf of clients. Machine learning which has been put into a live operational environment is also eligible.

How to win it: To convince the judges, you need to show that a new process has been introduced based around automation. The winner will have gone beyond simple data and technology fixes - they will have re-engineered a process from the ground up.

16. SCV, DMP or CRM solution of the year

Who it’s for: Martech sits at the heart of most organisations which rely on a range of data-driven solutions to engage with channels and customers. This award is for any platform or solution that combines data management with business or marketing process.

How to win it: The judges will be looking for an example of leading technology that sits in a sweet spot across customer and channel management, or which provides brilliant support for the processes of demand-side marketing. They want to be convinced that the technology is truly best-of-breed and is delivering against real business needs.

17. New talent award

Who it’s for: Individuals or teams within client or vendor organisations aged under 30 who are in the first two years of their career in data and analytics.

How to win it: In a talent-hungry industry, we are looking for the real stand-out performers - individuals or teams who go above and beyond, always striving and achieving on behalf of their organisation (or possibly for a cause they have embraced).

18. Transformation with data

Who it’s for: Becoming data-driven or adopting evidence-based decision-making, any client-side or vendor organisation that has embedded a new culture and way of working.

How to win it: Show us how brave and bold your company has been in the way it has transformed its processes, culture, thinking or approach to make it data literate and analytically-led. If you have been pursuing a data-driven transformation, this category is for you.

19. The Professor Derek Holder Lifetime Achievement Award

20. Grand Prix

The highest-scored entry across categories 1 to 18 based on the total marks awarded by the panel of judges is selected to receive the overall prize for the year.

Entries will close 30 April 2019


Here is your step by step guide of how to enter the DataIQ Awards 2019

Step 1 - Review the categories


We have 18 categories to enter, as well as two more special awards which will be announced on the night, so please make sure you are clear on what you want to enter into which category. See the categories tab for all the details.


Step 2 - Buy your entries


Entries are priced at £125 + VAT each. Once you have bought and paid for your entries, you will be sent an email providing you with access to the entry process.




Step 3 - Create and submit your entries

Follow the steps on the entry process and remember you can always create and save an entry for now and submit later. Deadline for entries is Tuesday 30 April 2019.


To enter you will need to provide:

  • A 100-word summary of the entry
  • 750-word descritpion of why the entry should win
  • One supporting document (optional, and should not contain more text)
  • One public URL for the judges to consider as supporting material (optional)

Step 4 - Everything crossed!


There is a review and shortlisting process carried out by DataIQ which will be announced on Monday 13th May. All of the shortlisted entries will go to our judging panel.


Step 5 - Book your table for the ceremony


The DataIQ Awards ceremony is taking place at the stunning V&A Museum in London. Tables will go on sale once the shortlist has been announced.



If you need help at any point, please contact




Rules of entry

Great to see that you’re keen to enter the DataIQ Awards - but if you want to play you better just take a quick look over the Rules and Terms & Conditions to make sure you’re happy with our processes.


The Data IQ Awards are owned and produced by DataIQ Which is the trading name of IQ Data Group Ltd (We also refer to ourselves in these rules as “IQ Awards”, "DataIQ", “we”, “us” or “our”). If we accept an Award Entry from you please understand that you will be bound by these terms and conditions and your Award Entry will be considered in accordance with these terms. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. When we make these changes we shall publish them online - so check back often!


The jargon...


The following terms shall have the following meaning in this document:


  • ‘Category’ means each particular category of award as listed and detailed on the Website.
  • ‘Closing Date’ The date as made public on the this website.
  • ‘Entry’ means your entry submitted to DataIQ on the site.
  • ‘Fee’ means the relevant entry fee corresponding to the relevant Entry according to the relevant Category for which the Entry is made as set out on the Website.
  • ‘Judging Criteria’ means the criteria and bases for judging Entries and granting awards to Entrants in the course of the IQ Awards.
  • ‘Website’ or ‘the site’ means the IQ Awards website accessible at

Awards Entry Formalities


The eligibility period for any campaign, programme or activity to be considered is from 1st April 2018 to date.

All Award Entries must be submitted (in English please) either by completing and returning the PDF form or via the online entry form on the Event Website (unless otherwise by prior agreement with us), and the Award Entry must also be accompanied by the appropriate Fee submitted in accordance with these terms. Please note that by submitting an Entry you are confirming that you accept these terms and conditions and you have the agreement of all parties associated with the submitted Award Entry.

Each Award Entry must be completed in full and received by DataIQ on or before the Closing Date. Entries received after the Closing Date will be disqualified and will not be considered by DataIQ.

In the event that an Award Entry is inaccurate or incomplete, does not comply with these conditions or is deemed, at our sole discretion, ineligible for any other reason, then the relevant Entry will be disqualified.


Number of Entries


  • You may submit Entries to the DataIQ Awards in all categories.
  • You may place your Entry in more than one Category.
  • You may make unlimited Entries in any given Category.

The entry fee will be levied for each individual entry - for clarity an entry entered into more than one category will be liable for the fee for each category entered.


Judging Entries


DataIQ shall consider each Entry through a judging panel as listed on the Website on its merits and on the basis solely of the information referred to in the relevant Entry and at its discretion all Entries shall be considered in accordance with these terms and conditions and the Judging Criteria.

In the course of judging an Entry any judge may request further information about the Entry from the person named as the contact for the Entry submitted. Failure to supply the information requested will disqualify the Entry from the DataIQ Awards and the entry Fee will be forfeited.


DataIQ will shortlist certain Entrants to go through to a final judging phase. Winners in the Categories will be announced by DataIQ at the Awards Event details of which will be published on the Site and such winners will be selected by the Judges from the shortlist.


DataIQ’s decisions relating to short-listing and granting of awards in the course of judging the IQ Awards is final and DataIQ will not enter into any correspondence or discussion with any Entrants on any subject nor will DataIQ accept any submissions or representations or appeals with regard to such decisions, and DataIQ reserves at its sole discretion the right to:

  • Disqualify Entries which do not comply with these conditions or for any other reason
  • Not to make any particular award in any given Category
  • Move an Entry to another Category without notice, if DataIQ Awards feels it would be better suited in the relevant Category
  • Disqualify the entry is if the fee is not forthcoming (All fees must be received in full prior to judging or the entry may be deemed void)




Your entry and any supporting documentation will not be considered as confidential information unless clearly identified as Confidential and you agree that DataIQ can use the information or parts of the information contained in the Entry submitted for judging for publicity purposes in or on any media and for the purposes of promoting the IQ Awards.


Limitations & Disclaimer


DataIQ accepts no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for:

  • Any promise or indication made public before an Award is formally announced
  • Any damage whatsoever caused by any actions taken by DataIQ in relation to any particular Entry

In no event shall DataIQ be liable whether in contract, tort, by statute or otherwise in respect of any loss of profits and/or loss of business for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the DataIQ Awards, including without limitation: loss of revenue, loss of anticipated savings, loss of business and/or goods, loss of goodwill, loss of use, loss and/or corruption of data and/or other information.


Nothing in these terms and conditions shall exclude or restrict our liability for fraudulent misrepresentation and/or for death or personal injury to the extent that such injury results from our negligence or wilful default.


For the avoidance of doubt, entrants agree and accept that they will be solely responsible and liable for any and all damage caused by their Entry.


If Your Entry Has Been Short Listed


You will be informed if your Entry has been shortlisted during April or May 2019. Any changes to this timescale shall be posted on the Website from time to time. You may be required to supply screenshots and other information to IQ Awards to be used for display during the 2019 Awards Event. Entrants authorise DataIQ Awards to publicly display all and any such screenshots and information provided to DataIQ Awards for this purpose.


Governing Law


These terms and conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with and governed by English law.


Contact Information


If you have any questions regarding the DataIQ Awards please contact


You can find us tweeting @TheDataIQ and use the hashtag #DataIQAwards to stay up to date with the latest news of this event.


Hall of Fame

DataIQ Awards 2018


Data and analytics leader of the year
Judith kleine Holthaus - Whitbread


Graham Davis | Ageas Direct
Niall Rowantree | TEPUK
Sandra Stanley | dunnhumby
Stuart Kelly | Reed Exhibitions
Aykut Sadi | Lifetime Learning


New talent award - Client

Charmaine Whittingham - Barclaycard


Taisiya Merkulova | Photobox
Ben Carroll | Whitbread
Romana Reznickova | Arsenal FC
Dean Riddlesden | Walgreens Boots Alliance
Remy Maguire | Photobox

New talent award - Vendor
Adam Hornsby | dunnhumby


Anna-Lee Bridgstock | Wunderman
Tom Bates | Havas helia
Ross Gartshore | Merkle Aquila
Abhinay Bhasin | Dentsu Aegis Network
Seb Bennett | DataTalk

Customer/CRM champion
Information Business Analytics Team | Barclays


Arsenal FC CRM Team
Stuart Kelly | Reed Exhibitions

Best data and analytics team - Client
Private Banking Data and Analytics | Coutts

Riviera Travel Insights Team
Royal Mail Advanced Analytics
Insight & Analytics at The Telegraph

Best data and analytics team - Vendor
Wunderman’s Data and Analytics Team


MarketReach Data Planning Team
Callcredit’s Insight Team
Havas helia Royal Mail Extract Team
Business Data Partners

Breakthrough with data
Enabling positive policing: a golden nominal solution | Cleveland Police


Service Reservoir Bacteriological Compliance Predictive Model | Dwr Cymru Welsh Water
Sainsbury’s: Intelligent Agriculture | DACE
British Airways & Merkle Aquila
Payments Data For Public Good | Barclays & Office for National Statistics

Transformation with data
Zurich’s Data Transformation | Data Architecture and Analytics Team


WISER | Dwr Cymru Welsh Water
Data Transformation at an Energy Giant | TEPUK & Merkle Aquila
Barclays Market & Customer Insights

Best place to work in data
Royal Mail Advanced Analytics


Sunlife Worklife | Data Insight team
Barclays Information Business
DACE | Sainsbury’s
DASA (Data & Strategic Analytics), Barclaycard Business Solutions

Best diversity in data programme
Merkle Aquila


MBN Academy/Data Lab MSc. Placement Programme
Diversity in Personalisation Insights | Walgreens Boots Alliance

Best development programme
JLR Analytics Graduate Programme | Jaguar Land Rover


Business Data Partners Graduate Programme
Digital and Technology Solutions Level 6 Apprenticeship | Santander UK

Best GDPR programme (client-side)

BBC Platform Operational Privacy Team


Your Data Matters | Information Commissioner’s Office / Squad
RBS Data & Analytics GDPR Programme Team
Single Governance View | Royal Mail Data Services

Best GDPR solution (vendor)
GDPR Toolkit | DQM GRC


UniFida | Berry-Thompson
Experian Data Qualtiy
Havas helia - GDPR solution

Best use of data in a marketing programme
Customer Analytics Driven Customized Campaign Engine |Opet Petrolculuk


Stagecoach bus UK | Hippo
Keeping the love in the Coffee Club | R-cubed & Costa Coffee
Report Central with Umbrella Supermarket
KONA Campaign for Hyundai | Paragon Customer Communications
English Heritage & Havas helia

Most innovative analytics solution
Supertanker Prediction | The Gregario Analytics Team


Enigma Campaign Planning tool | Really B2B
From B2B to B2P | DBS Data
Always On | RBS Data & Analytics

Data-driven product or service of the year
adZU by Code Worldwide


Payment Acceptance Optimisation | Barclays
Trusso | Experian DataLabs

Most innovative data management solution of the year
TEPUK & Merkle Aquila


SwiftCore from The Software Bureau
Bureau Services from DBS Data

Lifetime Achievement Award
Rosemary Smith, managing director, Opt-4
Grand Prix
Barclays Information Business analytics team

DataIQ Talent Awards 2017


Data Professional - Client
Les Donnelly - Royal Mail
Data Professional - Services
Andrea Sternfeld - Royal Mail MarketReach
Data-Driven Digital Marketer(s)
Barclaycard - Data & Strategic Analytics Barclaycard
Data-Driven Brand Marketer(s)
Sky Vegas - Sky Betting and Gaming
Analytics and Insight Leader
Paul Ravenscroft - Walgreens Boots Alliance
Best GDPR Programme (Data Controller)
Business Planning & Processes Team - Comic Relief
Best GDPR Programme (Data Processor)
Shiona McDougall - RAPP
Data Scientist/Big Data Leader
Ian Smith - RAPP Ltd
Customer/CRM Champion(s)
Data & Analytics - RBS
Best Place to Work in Data
Aquila Insight
New Talent Award
Eleni Kotzampasaki - Aquila Insight
Transformation Through Data Award
Team Data - Economist

Breakthrough with Data
Football Whispers - Football Whispers

Highly commended - Equotion

Grand Prix
Business Planning & Processes Team - Comic Relief
Derek Holder Lifetime Achievement Award
Sir Tim Berners-Lee / Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt - ODI

DataIQ Talent Awards 2016


Data Professional - Client
Fedelma Good, Barclays Bank Plc



Jeremy Clarke, Great Western Railway

Data Professional - Services
Ben Braiden, Havas helia


Kieron Karue, MarketingFile
Matt Heffer, Merkle | DBG
Zoe Palethorpe, Omnis Data Limited
Emma Street, RAPP

Data Innovator of the Year


Christies & RAPP
DBS Datamarketing
Massive Analytic Ltd

Data-Driven Direct Mail Advertiser(s)
MarketReach from Royal Mail with News UK



Meera Naik, Comic Relief
Protyre and the Purple Agency

Data-Driven Digital Marketer(s)
BI Team, giffgaff


Richard Anning. Aquila Insight
Emma Presley and the Jack Wills team, Starcount

Data-Driven Brand Marketer(s)

Barclays Premier On-boarding Team, Barclays


Diageo datanova team, Havas helia
Investec Team, Starcount
Alex Morris, Tui Travel & The Serendipity2 Team

Marketing Technologist
Francis Wallinger, Alchemetrics Ltd


Stewart Worthington, Serendipity2
Kelvin Lim, Unilever

Data Governance and Privacy Professional(s)
Russell Barton, Barclays Bank Plc


MI Information Policy and Governance Team, British Gas
IDS Data Governance Team, Sky plc

Analytics and Insight Leader
Nick Milne, Telefonica UK


Amanda Spencer, Aquila Insight
Zahra Mawani, Capita
James Da Souza, Post Office Limited in collaboration with RAPP

Data Scientist/Big Data Leader
Vasileios Vasileiou, Profusion


Nikolas Vardakis, Capita
Martin Benson, Jaywing
James Cocker, Telefonica UK

Data Quality Programme Leader or Team
Russell Barton, Barclays Bank Plc


Paul Fulton, D&B

Customer/CRM Champion(s)

Customer Experience Data & Analytics team, RBS


Dan Cooper, Wunderman UK
Royal Mail & Havas helia Team

Best Place to Work in Data




Alchemetrics Ltd
Aquila Insight
TMW Unlimited Data

New Talent Award
Alice Hodgson, Aquila Insight
Anna Kiel, AudienceNet


Masibu Manima, BMJ
Mitch Vidler, Jaywing
Maya Foley, News UK

Transformation Through Data Award
Sony & Aquila Insight



Analytics and Service Development Team, Capita
Customer Analytics Centre of Excellence, Post Office
Data and Analytics Team, RBS

"Data is the New Creative"
Ken Martin, Wunderman UK


Raffael Strassing, Barclays Bank Plc
David Cole, fast.MAP
Daryl West, Telefonica UK

Grand Prix
Information Business - Barclays UK


DataIQ Talent Awards 2015


The Professor Derek Holder Lifetime Achievement Award
Professor Merlin Stone
Data quality programme leader
Paul Hennessey
Data-driven direct mail advertiser(s)
Costco and MarketReach from Royal Mail
New Data award
Tim Drye

Customer/CRM champion(s)

CRM Team
Guardian, News & Media

Data governance and privacy professional(s)
Maya Bull
Guardian, News & Media
Data is the new creative
Deborah Hofman & Ciaran Power
Havas helia
Data professional (Services)
Mark Barry
Havas helia
Data security programme leader
Paul Eveleigh
Havas helia
New Talent
Deborah Hofmann & Ciaran Power
Havas helia
Transformation through data award
Laura Scarlett
National Trust
Analytics and insight leader
News UK BI Insight team
News UK
Data scientist/big data leader
News UK BI Analytics team
News UK
Marketing technologist
John Markham
Data-driven digital marketer(s)
Direct Analytics Team
Royal Bank of Scotland
Data professional (Client)
Shetal Bhatt
Multi-channel marketer or team
Adobe Campaign SWAT Team
The National Trust
The grand Prix
News UK BI Insight & Analytics Teams
News UK


DataIQ Talent Awards 2014


The Professor Derek Holder Lifetime Achievement Award
Edwina Dunn & Clive Humby


Grand Prix
Karina Murtagh

B2B Marketing Leader
Robbie Burgess, Reed Business Information


Customer Champion
Karina Murtagh, England and Wales Cricket Board
Data Governance Team of the Year
Capita TVL Data Management Team, Capita
“Data is the New Creative”
Edward Ballard , RAPP

Data Professional (Client)
Elly Cockcroft, Marylebone Cricket Club


Data Professional (Services)
Ben Winter, MarketReach from Royal Mail
Data Scientist
Anne Connell, Havas EHS
Data-driven Direct Mail Advertiser or Advertising Team
Tesco and MarketReach from Royal Mail
Data-driven Marketer or Marketing Team
Havas EHS easyJet team, Havas EHS
Data-driven Media Planner
Tania Mag, Havas EHS
Integrated Data Planning Team (Client and Agency)
Bright North and BSkyB
Marketing Technologist
Kevin Allan, autoGraph
Multi-channel Marketing Team of the Year
Caravan Club Marketing Team
New Talent Award
Sandra Matz, University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre
“SoLoMo” Marketer or Marketing Team
Liz Curry, Comic Relief

DataIQ Talent Awards 2013

B2B Leader
Keith Jones, Royal Mail Data Services
CRM Manager
Ed Cracknell, ESPN
Data is the new creative
Oliver Betts, TMW
Data Planner
Claire Gardner, Cyance
Data Professional
Jane Huntington, The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association
Data Scientist
Tim Drye, Data Talk
Data Steward
Rudi Leoni, Telefonica UK
Digital Marketer
Tess Tucker, JUST EAT
Marketing Technologist
Melanie Boland, Reed Business Information
Real Mail Marketer
Liz Curry, Comic Relief
Social Marketer
Lynn Grimes & Nicola Miller, London South Bank University


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