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UK businesses are already falling behind other countries in the effective use of data, due to a dearth of chief information officers. However, if it is bad now, the triple whammy of Brexit, Open Banking  and GDPR is likely to exacerbate the problem as pressure mounts on companies to manage and use...
Insurance giant Allianz Partners is targeting the consumer market by broadening its offer in digital assistance to launch a new data security and recovery product, dubbed Cyber Shield.
GDPR preparations may be furrowing the brows of business leaders across the UK, but nearly three-quarters (71%) of marketers believe the new Regulation will spark a creative revolution as brands strive to find new ways to engage potential customers.
Builders' merchant Jewson has pulled down its online store after becoming the latest victim of a hack attack which is likely to send shivers down the spine of even the most hardened tradesmen.
UK businesses are falling behind their European rivals by failing to embrace established technologies - such as CRM and cloud computing - which is both undermining productivity and stunting growth.
The UK risks losing its competitive advantage in a world being transformed by technology unless The Government beefs up its computer science education programme.

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Creating a fan page on Facebook is a quick and easy way to start social engagement with your customers. It could also be a quick way to find yourself in court if a recent German ruling goes unchallenged. Instead of being a third-party user of anonymised targeting and tracking services provided by the social network, you could be held accountable as a first-party data controller. The case has the possibility to disrupt a critical aspect of the...
When Liz Brandt co-founded Ctrl-Shift nine years ago, the idea was to analyse the personal information economy. Things have turned out to be a lot more complex since then, as she explained to David Reed.
Poor management practices, including weak or lagging leadership, could be holding back the adoption of digital and data-driven technologies that might help the UK to close its productivity gap with Europe and the US. According to a new study by the CBI, between 10 and 15% of the difference between British and American firms is down to a failure of leadership which in turn means organisations are not innovative.
Adopting five tried-and-tested technologies could add up to £100 billion to the UK economy and reduce the productivity gap with other European countries. In a pitch for knowledge transfer support by the Government in its soon-to-be-published Industrial Strategy, the CBI argues that it is time for businesses to catch-up through introducing digital technologies ranging from epurchasing and CRM to cloud computing and web sites.
“Industry needs to step up and change the nature of the debate between policy makers, regulators and industry around data.” When Stephen Deadman, global deputy privacy director at Facebook, made that call for leadership at this year’s PIE 2017 conference, it wasn’t just wishful thinking - it was an indication of behind-the-scenes activity which will break cover in early 2018.