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Attempts to bridge the UK's digital skills gap appear to be having little effect as yet, if the results of a new study - which claims 43% of people still do not have the digital expertise required by most jobs - are to be believed.
The scale of the challenge organisations face in keeping data secure has been laid bare by new figures which reveal that 1.9 billion data records have already been lost or stolen during the first six months of 2017,  over 38% higher than for the whole of 2016.
EU Justice Commissioner Věra Jourová has said that US officials have insisted that President Trump’s “America first” policy will not tear up the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement on data transfers, following the first day of talks to review the one-year-old deal.
Equifax's chief information officer and chief security officer have both been ousted from the beleaguered company after it finally came clean that "fewer than 400,000" UK consumers have been caught up in the massive US data breach.
UK businesses which engage third parties to process personal data on their behalf are being urged to go over their existing contracts with a fine tooth comb to ensure they will be compliant with GDPR, in new draft guidance issued by the Information Commissioner's Office.
Backed by funding from The Data Lab, a blockchain-enabled pilot project has been launched which will track the chain of custody of connected medical devices throughout their lifecycle. Widely used to help people manage chronic conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease and...

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With the acquisition of Fast Forward Labs by Cloudera, the advisory and research business can now accelerate machine learning projects for its clients, as David Reed discovers.
An update by the Data Skills Taskforce details progress on recommendations made in Nesta’s Analytic Britain report in 2015. Toni Sekinah reports.

The majority of chief marketing officers (CMOs) in the US are women and all American CMOs were US-bred. But while the UK still sees men making up the majority of senior marketing roles, hiring is more diverse in terms of origin - only 60% of British CMOs were born here. And the UK also leads on advanced education which may give them the edge when it comes to staying competitive.
News that Facebook claims to reach more UK adults than the Census thinks are in the country has led many advertisers to question the audiences they are buying. Charlie McKelvey finds out whose number is best.
If you run your business on spreadsheets, it is hard to transfer knowledge and easy to miss something important, like Ryanair just did. It could so easily have been avoided, argues David Reed.