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SAS is attempting to address the data skills gap by launching what it claims is the UK's first data analyst apprenticeship programme to be fully funded by the Government's Apprenticeship Levy. The company has entered a partnership with Firebrand Training for the scheme, which will cover areas...
UK firms have finally woken up to the need to take out cyber insurance - with the number of companies who have cover rising from 33% to 90% within the past year - but many are failing to cover all risks.
The data industry has welcomed the rise in the number of students taking science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem) subjects  - revealed in today's A-level results - but has warned that the sector must not rest on its laurels as more still needs to be done to encourage youngsters into the...
More than one in three businesses (37%) confess they are still not following GDPR nearly three months after the regulation came into force, with technology companies the worst culprits.
The Information Commissioner’s has strengthened its expertise in the rapidly developing technology sector by appointing the boss of IBM-owned risk management and regulatory compliance consulting firm Promontory as executive director for technology policy and innovation.
Companies operating in the UK are drawing up contingency plans in case Britain fails to secure "adequacy” status post-Brexit in an effort to ensure that they can continue to transfer data to European businesses after March next year.

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A new bank of open data regarding attitudes to health with input from more than 4,000 UK participants, has been published by the collaborators of the Live:Lab project. By playing a gamified quiz ‘Crush your FOFO’ users anonymously answered questions that determined if they had a ‘fear of finding out’ or FOFO. Toni Sekinah reports.
The OpenActive Accelerator, the result of a collaboration between the Open Data Institute and Sport England, is halfway through a six-month programme. Toni Sekinah caught up with Chris Pett, head of delivery at the ODI, to find out how the ten start-ups have been progressing and what the ODI has learnt from the process.
Longitude has been in use to describe location for centuries, while postcodes have a 50-year history of helping you to get your stuff. So does the world really need a new location description? David Reed considers.
The percentage of analytics enterprises with a chief data officer has increased to 57% as privacy concerns bring data challenges into focus. This is according to the 2018 Global State of Enterprise Analytics Report. Toni Sekinah spoke to the authors of the report to find out the reason why.
Fake videos, photos and news seem to be everywhere. Toni Sekinah was recently caught out by a seemingly light-hearted video that ended with a terrifying car crash. With fake online content looking ever-more convincing, she argues why we should look at everything with a critical and discerning eye.