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Just 24 hours after the Government revealed its plans to make the UK a global hub for the development of artificial intelligence, the European Commission has also announced new measures to boost funding for AI and open up more data for re-use to make data-sharing easier within the digita
More than 50 top businesses and organisations have contributed to the development of a £1bn deal, designed to put the UK at the forefront of the artificial intelligence industry, featuring almost £300m of private sector investment.
UK financial services companies are being urged to join forces with regulators and the Government to combat the growing threat from cyber crime in a new report which argues that simply throwing money at the problem will not help; systems need to be rebuilt from the ground up.
With just 30 days to go until GDPR comes into force, EU data protection chiefs have finally released their guidance on consent under GDPR, leaving the UK Information Commissioner's Office just weeks to unpick the findings before May 25.
Facebook is risking yet another privacy backlash after reports that it is moving the accounts of nearly 1.5 billion users out of its Irish HQ  to its US headquarters, meaning that they will not longer be covered by GDPR.
Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham is demanding even stronger powers to investigate data breaches after warning that GDPR is already "being outpaced by technological advances in data analytics".

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To many commentators - and some lawyers - GDPR means just one thing: consent. But the truth is there are alternative bases for data processing, prime among them legitimate interest. David Reed finds out why you should listen to LI and not to lies.
The data economy added £73.3 billion to the UK economy in 2016, according to a report. However, the data economy is operating under capacity and could be worth much more. Toni Sekinah went over the figures.
Trust is central to persuading consumers to share their data in the post-GDPR world. As DataIQ research shows, trusting consumers are also more "data savvy". So how do brands get on the right side of that ledger in the decisions they make about how to comply? David Reed finds out.
Transport for London's chief data officer, Lauren Sager-Weinstein, is a leading woman in data and one of four females in the Power 10 of the DataIQ 100. She told Toni Sekinah how she feels about being a role model and why she wants to inspire more women to take up careers in data and transport.
Despite the pursuit of that unicorn practitioner, the data scientist, most organisations would be better off finding a data protection officer. The reason? GDPR, of course, but also the expectation of consumers that there is somebody in the company who is looking after their rights. David Reed explains.