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Organisations continue to keep legacy IT applications alive because the historical data those systems hold remains useful, despite a recognition that running these obsolete systems poses a major risk to digital transformation, data privacy and security.
Brands are being urged to explore the opportunities that artificial intelligence-based personalisation strategies can bring to their marketing campaigns on the back of a survey which reveals that poorly-targeted and irrelevant activity is driving customers away from their favourite brands.
Oracle technology may power some of the biggest marketing companies in the world but the business is now using its data analytical expertise to tackle the declining honey bee population.
The Government is urging tech firms to embrace a new voluntary code of practice for manufacturers of connected devices, developed to tackle widespread data privacy concerns by ensuring that security measures are embedded into the design process.
Internet of Things (IoT) technology is now moving into the mainstream, according to a new study which shows that nearly nine out of ten (87%) of business leaders now expect tangible results from their projects within three years.
Wales is aiming to rival London and Scotland as a major hub for data professionals with the launch of the Welsh Data Science Graduate Programme, designed to give the country’s top talent added incentive to build their careers in the Welsh data sector.

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“The importance of identity and trust is a central concern in the digital market. Organisations need to collaborate to solve the challenges because the digital environment is not yet fully trusted. Identity is fundamental to society.”
The Office for National Statistics recently held its second charity data hack. Pam Everett, deputy director of data-as-a-service at ONS, told Toni Sekinah how it is all part of helping  charities to make better informed decisions.
Eddie Copeland, director of government innovation at Nesta, has a profound interest in public sector reform through data. He gave Toni Sekinah examples of data innovation by local and regional authorities as well as a better approach to implementation of data and technology projects in the public sector.
Data driven companies are expanding the routes into their businesses for young talent. University placements and training consultancies are ways that Sainsbury’s and UBS have used to recruit data professionals at the start of their careers. Toni Sekinah reports.
Two out of five business and IT decision-makers say that artificial intelligence and machine learning are streamlining or transforming their business operations accordng to a new survey. Toni Sekinah spoke to Matthias Golombek, chief technology officer at Exasol, which commissioned the report.