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The public and private sectors must be encouraged to work together to create a ‘digital twin’ of the national infrastructure in an effort to increase the performance, efficiency and resilience of the system. That is the conclusion of a new report by the National Infrastructure Commission, chaired...
UK marketing and advertising industry bodies the DMA and Advertising Association are urging  the Government to ensure the final Brexit deal recognises the UK’s deep alignment with the EU on data protection policy.
There are many elements of GDPR which will be a major wake-up call for businesses, but, if the results of a new study by CyberArk are to be believed, the issue of data breach notification - or lack of it - remains the most pressing.
UK consumers are locked in a vicious circle with brands over customer experience; nearly half (47%) are frustrated  when companies fail to deliver relevant, personalised shopping experiences, but virtually the same number (48%) are concerned about data privacy as they subscribe to intelligent...
The Information Commissioner's Office has raised serious concerns that government-backed clauses inserted into the Data Protection Bill at the last minute will threaten its ability to operate independently.
The GDPR disconnect continues to plague UK marketers, according to a new study which claims that, while two-thirds see the new regulation as a strategic opportunity, most are as confused as ever about how to achieve compliance.

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Performance analysis is changing the way sports are viewed. Spectators can now ‘see’ inside a rugby scrum and coaches can 'remember' a whole match instead of just a part of it. Toni Sekinah speaks to Simon Bittlestone, managing director of Metapraxis, and Duncan Locke, senior performance analyst at the RFU to find out more.
A global survey of consumers found that two-thirds are willing to share personal information with companies if they get enough value in return. Rachel Barton, a managing director at Accenture Strategy, tells Toni Sekinah what “digital trust” is and why it is important to customers who give companies a bigger window into their private lives.
Automation of decision making can be dated back to the invention of language, but it is being accelerated now by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Cloudera CTO Amr Awadallah explained to DataIQ why this sixth wave is breaking and what organisations need to do to avoid drowning.
To retain its luxury positioning while increasing conversion rates online, Italian fashion retailer LUISAVIAROMA has adopted an AI-driven marketing platform and seen a 400% uplift as a result.
More women than ever are entering the data industry, but diversity is still very much a work in progress, as delegates at the third annual Women in Data conference discovered. Toni Sekinah gives her take on the event.