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The UK has retained its position as a world leader in open data after being placed joint top with Canada in the rankings of the Open Data Barometer, a global measure of how governments are publishing and using open data for accountability, innovation and social impact.
Companies are growing increasingly wary of the negativity surrounding the rise of artificial intelligence by conducting ethics training among technologists to review how they use the new technology.
The Scottish Government is ramping up its campaign to make the country a serious rival to Silicon Valley by committing an extra £13.5 million to The Data Lab, the innovation centre which helps industry capitalise on the growing use of data science and artificial intelligence.
Innovate UK, the non-departmental public body which reports to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, is funding a new project which aims to use data science to boost the discovery of new medical treatments.
Nationwide Building Society has committed to invest another £1.3 billion in tech to help simplify operations, as part of plans to drive forward digital, data and analytic strategies in a move which will bring its total tech investment to a massive £4.1 billion over the next five years.
Up to 75 million current job roles may be displaced by machines by 2022 but for those working in data and marketing, the only way is up according to a new report which shows these professions will be among the main winners of an expected 133 million new jobs to emerge at the same time.

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Global Emancipation Network, a data analytics and intelligence non-profit organisation that is fighting against human trafficking and exploitation, works with other agencies to collaborate and hopefully increase the number of victims rescued. Toni Sekinah spoke to Sherrie Caltagirone, the organisation’s founder and executive director, to find out how its Minerva platform is making this happen.
When it comes to technology, manufacturers are not just thinking about robotics - 28% predict big data analytics, including customer insight, will play a bigger part in the next three years, according to a new survey. Toni Sekinah reports.
Canon Medical Research has been given £140,000 to develop a prototype that combines artificial intelligence and medical imaging to improve the assessment of one of the most difficult cancers. Toni Sekinah reports.
If artificial intelligence were to be called intelligent assistance instead, fewer people would fear it, but also fewer investors would fund it. This was one of the statements made by Dr Hannah Fry at the Royal Society of Arts. Toni Sekinah reports.
Everybody who has ever read a privacy notice will know how turgid the language can be. In addition, they can be as long as dissertations. But a new website has been set up to help people better understand the privacy policies of financial services companies. Data Rights Finder was created through a collaboration of Open Rights Group and Projects by IF. Toni Sekinah reports.