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The House of Commons may have come under fire for wasting nearly £100,000 of taxpayers’ money on faulty GDPR training, but at least they had some; new DMA research reveals that 27% of marketers received no training for GDPR prior to the deadline on May 25.
Scottish businesses are continuing to embrace candidates with data science skills - and are willing to pay for the privilege, too - with The Data Lab MSc aiming to attract the biggest ever intake of students from across the country for next year's intake.
Many workers may fear their jobs being taken over by machines, yet more than three-fifths (63%) of UK employees say they would outsource scores of their most dreaded work tasks to a robot if they could.
UK companies must embrace the power of data analytics to ensure they remain "relevant" to consumers or risk losing out on £107bn worth of business as customers are forced to seek alternative brands. Once gone, more than one quarter of the consumers are unlikely to return.
Fewer youngsters are getting the digital skills that employers and the Government say are vital to the future of the UK economy, despite ministers launching new qualifications in computer science.
Thomson Reuters has expanded its sentiment data offerings to track the top 100 cryptocurrencies through its partnership with quantitative behavioral science firm MarketPsych Data LLC, which uses machine learning and natural language processing to measure a breadth of emotional and topical items...

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A commonly quoted figure in relation to the demand for data professionals is 346,000. That is the number of new big data specialist roles being created between 2013 and 2020, according to a European Commission report. Thankfully, there seems to be an increase in interest from university leavers in the UK wanting to take up these roles. A great many data and analytics master’s courses are now being offered by UK universities, but would data-...
If you have been watching the World Cup on commercial TV, you might have seen ads for a blockchain-enabled IoT solution. Say what? David Reed wonders why now and whether the underlying problems with this technology might overwhelm its hoped-for promise.
Deutsche Telekom recently unveiled its new Telekom Data Intelligence Hub. Toni Sekinah spoke to Sven Löffler, business development executive of big data and data-driven business at T-Systems, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, about the marketplace for secure, real-time data sharing.
Knowledge of GDPR has spread far and wide, so it really should not have been much of a suprise to Toni Sekinah that she was handed a privacy notice upon entering a place of worship. She took some time to reflect on whether awareness of and respect for the personal data of individuals is becoming more and more widespread.
In the wake of GDPR enforcement, stories are starting to emerge of companies taking drastic action with their customer databases in order to be compliant of the new regulation. Toni Sekinah takes a look at what some brands have done and how those actions may affect their customer engagement going forward.
There were many dire warnings during the run-up to the GDPR enforcement date, that many brands would send the customers in their data an opt-...