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Zurich's UK has launched the Innovation Foundry, designed to fast-track its take-up of new products and services to tackle ever changing customer demands as well as embed what it describes as a "clear culture of innovation" throughout its business.
The Government might claim the UK is a world leader in technology, but UK banking customers are missing out on seamless online transactions enjoyed in other countries by a failure of banks - and even fintechs - to fully embrace facial recognition, automated data capture and social media data...
UK local authorities have faced a blistering assault on their data systems of almost 100 million cyber attacks - equating to 37 every minute - over the past five years, with the majority of breaches still going unreported.
The UK tech industry has launched a stinging attack on suggestions that Britain could ditch GDPR post-Brexit to strike trade deals with countries operating outside the EU, insisting it would undermine the UK’s status as Europe’s leading tech hub.
London is home to more data scientist jobs than anywhere else in the country, almost 13 times more than second place Cambridge and over 16 times more than third place Manchester, according to an analysis of vacancies which have been posted in the past 12 months, which also shows limited scope for...
UK companies have emerged as being the most confident in Europe that they will be compliant with GDPR before the May 25 deadline, but this has come at a huge cost, with the average bill to get in shape coming in at £1.3m.

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In the middle of dinner with friends on the weekend, my phone made the "ker-ching" sound. That’s the sound for when I make a payment. Thinking it was odd, I checked my banking app. An ATM withdrawal in Aruba had been declined.
AI should be regulated in a similar way to architecture. This is one of the recommendations of Dr Joanna Bryson, an associate professor at the University of Bath, whose research interests include AI and society and AI development methodologies. Toni Sekinah learns how robots can be as safe as houses.
AI pioneer and recently turned "AI evangelist", Inma Martinez, is palpably excited about the future of artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, she is also aware of its shortcomings in terms of biases. “When you use deep learning, you are teaching a machine to achieve a task, not via a mathematical algorithm, but by thinking like a human brain,” she said.
Inma Martinez acts as a technology consultant to large corporations in her position as chief innovation officer at Right Brain Future. She is also a venture partner at accelerator Deep Science Ventures and an AI evangelist. She told Toni Sekinah about her non-linear career path and why she thinks science and creativity go hand in hand in AI.
Having a data strategy can generate the tiny improvements that matter and make a big difference in retail. So said Ali Dasdan, engineering director for data platforms and business intelligence at Tesco, to of an audience of AI enthusiasts. Toni Sekinah was listening.