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Workers in Scotland’s booming technology sector are commanding the biggest salary increases in the country, according to a new survey, with seven of the top rises in the last 12 months being in data and digital roles.
Those who advocate that the US should implement GDPR-style legislation have had their case strengthened by a new survey of consumers which shows that two-thirds (67%) of Americans think the US government should do more to protect data privacy.
The health service risks losing out on huge potential revenue in the future if it does not put in place a strategy to capitalise on the increasing value of the medical data it holds, according to a new report.
The dominance of London and the South East in tech industry occupations threatens to further skew the growth of employment in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) industries in the coming years.
Businesses are failing to make the most of their data due to a lack of analytics skills, according to a study, which claims the most pressing issue is being unable to integrate multiple data sets.
Businesses which place emphasis on digital transformation are far more confident about their future growth, according to a new report, which reveals that almost four in five (79%) business leaders see digital transformation as a strategic priority.

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For the data and analytics sector, 2018 started with fears about GDPR compliance and ended with worries about Brexit and how it might impact on data flows and recruitment. In between, high points included growing adoption of healthcare analytics, wearable tech, a growing flow of skiled graduates and the promise of artiicial intelligence proving its worth. These ten articles tell the story of the year.
With the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics, Open Data Institute Leeds and The Data City all based in the West Yorkshire city, one would be forgiven for wondering if there is something in  the River Aire that makes Leeds a hotbed of data activity. Toni Sekinah spoke to Alex Craven from The Data City, Paul Connell of ODI Leeds and Rob Shaw of Jaywing to find out why data is such an important industry there.
The percentage of women working as data professionals is 26%, according to Women in Data, but at Boots the figure is around 50%. While the Personalisation and Digital Insights team is an outlier, Emma Eatch and Gillian McNulty are keen to nurture their team and so maintain the level of diversity. Toni Sekinah reports.
With legacy accounts as well as current accounts, it is easy for your banking data to be sitting in multiple different organisations. So just how easy is it to find out how those companies are using it? Toni Sekinah finds out.
DataFest 2019 returns bigger, broader and more geographically spread-out than before. CEO of organiser The Data Lab, Gillian Docherty, spoke to David Reed about what delegates can expect and how the Edinburgh Festival has been an inspiration.