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Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham has insisted that her office should play a central role in any future regulation of social media and tech giants, branding MPs’ calls for new legislation a “knee-jerk reaction”.
Seven in 10 businesses are struggling to unlock data's true potential because of a lack of control, leaving many with untrusted data that undermines innovation and customer interactions.
UK firms have tackled their fears over GDPR, and are finally recognising that data regulation can have a positive affect on their business.
Companies are increasingly recognising the need to innovate but are being held back by tight resources and strong internal resistance - and in many cases the fear of failure.
Schools minister Nick Gibb has called on teachers and parents to challenge and dispel misconceptions some girls have about the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects after new data shows boys are still more likely to study the subjects.
Apple chief executive Tim Cook's call for the US to introduce GDPR-style legislation is gaining momentum among the technology giants, with Cisco and Microsoft the latest firms urging the US to follow in the footsteps of the European Union.

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Connected devices are in every part of our lives; in our vehicles, our places of work and our homes. But what happens when you let a connected device into your bedroom and bed. Toni Sekinah advises caution when making kinky connections.
Through its work with companies like credit reporting agency Experian, IBM’s Data Science Elite Team has amassed a wealth of experience on how to carry out successful data science projects. That experience has resulted in the formulation of four principles of best practice, including ‘taking the bias out’ and ‘tell and sell the story’. Seth Dobrin of IBM told Toni Sekinah how other companies can put these learnings into practice.
Lara Izlan has worked at a range of companies including AutoTrader, The Telegraph, Disney, OmniSky and AOL Europe. She tells Toni Sekinah why she finds mentoring so fulfilling and why balancing purpose and pleasure can lead to happiness in work and life.
UN’s International day of women and girls in science is an opportunity to highlight the massive gender disparity in academic and career achievement in STEM. To highlight the opportunities which are open to women in data and analtyics, here is what 13 women from DataIQ's 2018 100 who studied STEM subjects said when asked, "so - why did you choose data?"
The Metropolitan Police have been getting too up close and personal with the citizens of London with facial recognition technology trialled on the residents and commuters of Romford. Toni Sekinah explains why this is not a good thing.