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The Government is to set up a taskforce for crypto assets in an effort to combat the potential risks in the sector while also capitalising on its benefits. Representatives from HM Treasury, the Bank of England, and the Financial Conduct Authority will sit on the taskforce, which is being launched...
Businesses might be gathering more customer data than ever before but most are falling back on just a few sources of information which are the easiest to work with rather than tapping into all the data that is available to them.
Online retailer BrandAlley - which offers "flash" sales on designer fashion, beauty, and homeware items - has achieved over 40% year-on-year order growth after implementing an artificial intelligence enabled platform to support its marketing strategy.
The Information Commissioner’s Office has said that it is probing over 30 companies in its investigation into the use of data analytics for political purposes as the regulator goes to court to seek a warrant to access the internal servers of Cambridge Analytica.
The European Commission is heading for a showdown with Facebook over the Cambridge Analytica data sharing scandal, with commissioner Věra Jourová expected to meet with the social media giant as early as this week.
With just over two months to go until firms will have to comply with GDPR, awareness may be on the rise but a significant number of marketers across Europe and the US still do not understand the changes nor have they got to grips with how the new regulation will affect their businesses.

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If your instinctive reaction to the General Data Protection Regulation has been one of fear and anxiety, then it’s time to breathe out and move on. Consumers are not only aware that a new law is coming, they have become significantly more willing to share, according to our latest research.
The Data Science Campus of the Office for National Statistics has a mission to do “data science for the public good.” Managing director Tom Smith spoke about the partners and projects the Campus is working with to achieve this aim. Toni Sekinah listened in.
With more consumers now willing to share their data if the conditions are right, it is up to organisations to test the most effective ways of engaging in the data-value exchange. It may mean new processes or technology, but that is so much better than the alternative.
Since Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the 2016 US presidential election, claims and counter-claims have been swirling around about what might have tipped the poll in his favour. Two factors have been the focus of repeated discussion - fake news and targeting of ads. A Department of Culture, Media and Sport select committee has recently been taking evidence about the first of these. But reports in The Guardian and The Observer over the weekend...
Innovation and government are two concepts that are not often thought to go together. For that very reason, they are one of the five thematic areas that Nesta, the global innovation foundation, has chosen to focus on, as Eddie Copeland explained to David Reed ahead of speaking at DataFest18.