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With just nine days to go until GDPR D-Day, a new survey by IBM suggests that the majority of companies now view the impending regulation as an opportunity to improve privacy, security, and data management - or as catalyst for new business models - rather than simply a compliance issue or burden.
The Bar Council - the body which represents barristers in the UK - has warned that the rush to push through the "clumsily drafted" UK Data Protection Bill will hand the Information Commissioner's Office powers which could put consumers’ and businesses’ legal rights in jeopardy.
The quest for GDPR compliance might still be vexing many businesses but it is certainly proving a boon for the recruitment market, with demand for big data skills and professionals surging by 78% in the past 12 months.
The head of data protection at the European Commission, Giovanni Buttarelli, has launched a stinging attack on social media and tech firms over a barrage of privacy policy emails in the run up to GDPR, claiming the Facebook data scandal has exposed a "broken and unbalanced ecosystem reliant on...
As the countdown to GDPR D-Day continues apace, a new study claims that many organisations will be inundated with requests for personal information from UK consumers, with two in five (40%) already planning to take advantage of their data privacy rights within six months of 25th May, although most...
Facebook's data scandal appears to have had a knock-on affect across all companies operating in the sector - as well as mainstream brands - with a new study showing that fewer than a fifth (17%) of consumers say they now trust social media companies with their personal data.

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Anecdotal evidence from a leading data protection lawyer suggests that some US companies are still not prepared for the enforcement of GDPR. On the other hand, the results of an online readiness test undertaken in the US and Europe imply that key principles of GDPR are being carried out by approximately half of US organisations. Toni Sekinah compares and contrasts.
So, with just one week to go before GDPR enforcement begins, what is your attitude towards your customers and their potential to exercise newly-granted or enhanced rights over their data? If you have really understood the intention of the Regulation and also heard the mood music among the general public, then Friday 25th May 2018 should be when you choose to walk down the aisle in a new and promising union, says David Reed.
Up and down the country and probably across the entire continent of Europe, people’s email inboxes are filling up with requests to “review our updated privacy policy,” now that the deadline for GDPR-compliance is nearly upon us. Toni Sekinah laments the user-unfriendly nature of a particular privacy notice that she has recieved.

Just when you think preparations for new Regulations are nearly over, along comes another one. A revised ePrivacy Regulation is going to prove challenging to users of digital channels and the world of ad-tech. But as David Reed finds out, they are already struggling to adjust to GDPR.
You are already asking for consent to market in electronic channels, so does that automatically mean you need consent for data processing across the board? While it is one of the six lawful bases under GDPR, David Reed discovers why it might also be a big mistake to choose this option.