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Thomson Reuters has expanded its sentiment data offerings to track the top 100 cryptocurrencies through its partnership with quantitative behavioral science firm MarketPsych Data LLC, which uses machine learning and natural language processing to measure a breadth of emotional and topical items...
The Government is to make parts of the Ordnance Survey (OS) MasterMap freely available to businesses as part of plans to  open up access to geospatial data and drive innovation across the UK economy, in a move ministers claim will boost the UK economy by £130m a year.
Dixons Carphone has finally fessed up to a massive data breach, which it claimed happened "during the past year" admitting that a hack attack on its systems has compromised nearly 6 million payment cards and 1.2 million personal data records.
The Privacy Shield agreement, which was only passed in June 2016 in an 11th-hour compromise to replace the illegal Safe Harbour transatlantic data deal, fails to properly protect EU consumers and must be suspended unless the US complies with its terms.
Businesses are leaving themselves wide open to malware attacks by having inadequate  - and in some cases non-existent - back-up data systems, with almost 4 million UK businesses affected.
The scale of the challenge which companies face in keeping their data secure has been exposed by a new study which claims that three in four businesses in Europe have suffered a domain name system (DNS) attack over the past year.

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Knowledge of GDPR has spread far and wide, so it really should not have been much of a suprise to Toni Sekinah that she was handed a privacy notice upon entering a place of worship. She took some time to reflect on whether awareness of and respect for the personal data of individuals is becoming more and more widespread.
In the wake of GDPR enforcement, stories are starting to emerge of companies taking drastic action with their customer databases in order to be compliant of the new regulation. Toni Sekinah takes a look at what some brands have done and how those actions may affect their customer engagement going forward.
There were many dire warnings during the run-up to the GDPR enforcement date, that many brands would send the customers in their data an opt-...
As London Tech Week gets into full flow, expect to hear about disruption, enablers and frictionless experiences. Just don't ask the technologists what impact their inventions will have on society at large because chances are they will not have even considered that. David Reed asks why the industry is blind to the consequences of its actions.
At its inaugural summit, the Language Big Data Alliance considered the impact of artificial intelligence on research, education and translation. But more importantly, wonders David Reed, do they know when the robots will take journalists' jobs? Turns out at least one company may be able to forecast the moment...
Providers of location and map-based services need to find new ways to gain users’ trust and consent around use of their location data, as the old methods are not working. This is according to Philip Fabinger, global privacy counsel at HERE Technologies. He told Toni Sekinah what new processes could work in the future.