DATA'S NEW C-SUITE | Wed 24th May | 200 Aldersgate, London

A new generation of practitioners is taking data and analytics to the top level of business.

Increasingly claiming seats on the board and expanding reach into the organisation, these individuals are driving transformations, defining new opportunities and delivering value.

So what does it take to be part of data’s new C-suite? How does a marketer transform themself into a data-driven chief marketing officer? What are the skills required to become a chief data officer? How does an organisation define the role and responsibilities of a chief analytics officer?

This year’s DataIQ Summit is your opportunity to hear from the vanguard of this movement.

We have invited six of the most high-profile, talented and respected CMOs, CDOs and CAOs to tell their stories:

  • Pete Markey, CMO of Aviva
  • Graeme McDermott, CDO of Addison Lee
  • Mike de Halpert, Director of European analytics for eBay
  • Mike Bugembe CAO at JustGiving
  • Andy Day CDO of Sainsbury’s
  • Sherine Yap, Global head of CRM, Shell Retail

They will explain how they have made it to the top table, what new skills they had to learn (plus the ones they are still working on), and what the rewards are for becoming part of the business at the highest level.

Together with DataIQ’s commercial partners, the event provides a unique insight into the new careers opening up to practitioners. It will provide inspiration for anybody looking  to make their own move into a senior role, an understanding of how organisations recruit, manage and retain these top-flight individuals, and reassurance that the challenges and frustrations delegates are experiencing are not only common: they can be successfully overcome.

This year our key themes for the summit will include:

  • Chief marketing officers  tell their stories
  • Vendors explain the  support they can offer
  • Chief data officers and  how they reached the top
  • Chief analytics officers tell you what you need to know

Who attends?

The DataIQ Summit attracts a range of professionals with one thing in common: they are all striving to optimise their use of data within their organisations. With over 250 attendees last year, the DataIQ Summit continues to be a source of learning, networking and inspiration for the data-driven community.

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