Only 31% of websites in the UK are compliant with GDPR

DataIQ News

With fewer than 33 working days until GDPR comes into force, an analysis of more than 2,500 websites in the EU claims that over two-thirds of UK websites are still not compliant with the looming regulation.

According to a report from web privacy experts vpnMentora - which tested over 100 sites in each country - a staggering 69% of UK sites were found to be non-compliant, because their privacy policy is either out-of-date or non-existent.

Out of the 28 countires in the EU, Germany led the field, with 67% of its websites already compliant, followed by Austria (59%) and Italy (51%). The UK was 13th, on 31%; Portugal was rock-bottom on only 17%.

Under GDPR, all privacy policies must be transparent and tell users what will happen with the data that is collected. They should also be concise and written clearly, let the user know whether their data will be shared with a third party or used for marketing purposes, explain the use of cookies and their purpose, and clearly state the rights of the individual visiting the site.

Shauli Zacks of vpnMentor said: “Most of the websites we checked either had old privacy policies, and in some cases no privacy policy at all, and are in no way ready for the stricter privacy guidelines that take effect next month. Those that fail to meet these new standards, could be subject to huge fines.”