Major organisations set up group to boost data literacy

DataIQ News

Accenture, Cognizant and Experian have joined a number of global organisations to launch a Data Literacy Project, aimed at strengthening skills among the workforce in an increasingly digitalised economy and forge a society “fluent in data.”

Initiated by data visualisation and analytics firm Qlik, the project will act as a community hub, providing assessment tools, information and learning resources for both individuals and organisations, with the aim of to helping organisations and individuals improve their data literacy skills.

The group will also be inviting private and public sector organisations, governments and education institutions to join the mission.

The Data Literacy Project is committed to working to inspire major organisations globally to make data literacy an imperative; creating a comprehensive global data literacy educational resource; and empowering educational institutions to place data literacy into the mainstream curriculum.

The group’s other founders include the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Pluralsight, Data to the People. These organisations will drive the agenda, deliver educational resources and training and ensure the project achieves its mission.

According to a statement from the group, the community is dedicated to “making society fluent in data, and places data literacy at the heart of individual and organisational success".

Qlik chief executive Mike Capone said: “With the growing presence of automation, robotics and artificial intelligence, feeling comfortable and confident working with data is critical for individuals navigating the future of work.

“We have brought together this group of passionate leaders to ignite discussion, create better resources and drive greater appreciation for data skills that are critical for the data revolution occurring around us.”

Chartered Institute of Marketing director Gemma Butler added: "Organisations must put the customer at the heart of everything they do, and the marketing profession is in a key position to drive and support this, with greater insight into consumer behaviour than ever before. The greater level of data literacy within an organisation the greater the ability to interpret, utilise, strategise and use data from across the business, driving revenues.”