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Girls in ICT, which takes place annually every fourth Thursday in April, matters to the data and analytics world because of the digital skills gap that threatens to choke the current expansion of the industry. From techUK to CA Technologies, 27th April saw a range of events and ongoing initiatives which should not only be replicated, but also need to become ongoing and embedded into corporate culture.
Public apologies are supposed to show a business has learned its lesson and is correcting its course. But that was not the case with blogs posted this week by both co-founders of, a free email unsubscription service owned by Slice Intelligence (itself a division of Rakuten). Instead of having the salutory effect most PRs would advise, their messages came across as, “hey, dummies, how did you think we did this without charging you?”
At DataFest17, three key issues affecting the future of data and analytics came to the surface - whether monetisaton of data will block its use for good, how to build ethics into technology, and keeping your analysts focused on value, not bogged down in data quality. David Reed reports.
Think machine learning could hold the solution to your business problem, but struggling to make the case for investment? A new service that puts a data science toolkit at your fingertips - for free - could be the solution.
A presidential order has freed American ISPs to harvest personal data and compete with online giants like Google for advertising dollars. But are they just monetising a broken business model when there is a better alternative, wonders Ctrl-Shift CEO Liz Brandt.
ABBA are not the only best-sellers to come out of Sweden - leading graph database vendor Neo Technology can trace its origins back to that country and to a frustration with another acronym, RDBS. Chief scientist Dr Jim Webber told DataIQ where the journey has taken the company.
Charities need to rebuild trust with donors, convince the regulator they have reformed and also maintain their competitive advantage. Could blockchain be the answer?
Data scientists and data engineers are essential for gaining insights from big data. But what exactly do these two roles involve and how much overlap, if any, is there? Fundamentally, how can and do they work together and what does the future hold for further merging or separating of these two massively important data jobs?
The right data can create deep customer engagement and business success. The wrong data can spoil both of those things. Here are four steps to ensure you get all the benefits of the data age and none of the pitfalls.
Exactly a year ago, readers of the world’s media discovered that many leading politicians - along with industrialists, celebrities and stars - had been busy hiving off funds into offshore trusts and business interests. Following 12 months of secret analysis and research, led by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism (ICIJ), the story of the Panama Papers broke and became a global scandal.
With regulators looking at automated decision making and the possibility of requiring algorithms to be made transparent, what are the real impacts on individuals when the machines decide what they can and can not have? Charlie McKelvey finds out from industry experts about the effects and the consequences of any change in the law.
Cross-device customer identity has long been a challenge, but a new solution from Signal offers a GDPR-compliant approach which is allowing clients, such as Sky Bet, to drive a better customer experience and improve marketing effectiveness.
If you analyse what makes for a winning rugby team, you soon find it is a blend of skillful players, rather than a set of identical stars. The same is also true of putting together a successful data team.

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