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What happens next for Privacy & GDPR?
Company bosses are being urged to recruit full-time data experts to cope with the growing business information workload, with nearly half of all firms increasing their spend on BI by more than 10% during the past year.
Firms are being warned that an action as seemingly innocuous as a staff member connecting to a stranger on LinkedIn could set off a chain of events which will ultimately lead to a mass data breach.
British businesses may still be fretting about how to stay the right side of the looming EU General Data Protection (GDPR) but it would appear they will get little sympathy from their customers with most consumers urging the Government to take more action to ensure companies protect personal...
German sportswear giant Puma is planning to ramp up its customer-centric marketing campaigns by integrating its online and offline channels through a new platform provided by Teradata.
Large organisations employing more than 250 staff will be in the front of the queue to employ data protection officers (DPOs) - one of the key demands of GDPR. But a new estimate identifies a need for at least 7,000 individuals to be trained for the role between now and May 2018.

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The challenges of marketing are ever present and never more so, than today, with the advance of technology and change in how customers now choose to interact with businesses.
For the past few years it seems as if every marketing buzzword has made reference to mobile. ‘Mobile-advertising’ and ‘mobile-engagement’ seem to trip off the tongue of all marketing aficionados, yet the reality is that the much-heralded mobile is still dramatically under-used by marketing departments.
It’s virtually impossible to avoid mention of the upcoming United Kingdom EU referendum and the positive or negative effects that leaving or remaining in the Union would have on business, the economy and our general way of life in the UK. Thought should also be given to the impact a vote for Brexit would have on data transfers, not only for business in the UK, but across the globe.
Euro 2016 is here and fans across the competing nations are eagerly following their teams - hoping, dreaming that their country will bring the Henri Delaunay Trophy home. As a football fan, I watch my home team with eager anticipation. But as a data scientist, I also know a thing or two about using data to uncover probabilities of winning.  
Are you sitting comfortably? Then chances are your organisation is behind the curve in its adoption of data and predictive analytics. When business is profitable and markets benign, the impetus for change is limited. It’s simple human nature - change equals threat for most people. It’s also the reverse side of the proof points that data and analytics generate higher revenues and profitability. When these are already performing well without...