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Universities have been accused of failing their students on the back of a new study which reveals that over a quarter (26%) of graduates in Britain regret the time and money they spent on their degree – equating to 5.6 million people across the country.
Companies frantically seeking advice on the new EU General Data Protection Regulation are being warned not to forget staff education following a business survey which exposes "shocking" gaps in cyber security awareness among employees.
Just 24 hours after Norfolk County Council was fined for a flagrant breach of privacy rules, it seems it is not alone after the Information Commissioner's Office released the results of a survey which shows most local authorities still have plenty to do to get in shape for the new General Data...
As data blunders go, Norfolk County Council is up there with the worst after it was found that council chiefs had left files that included sensitive information about children in a cabinet which was sent to a second-hand shop following an office clear-out.
One of the senior figures at the Graeme Robertson Trust (GRT) - the direct marketing charity which promotes the business to youngsters - has called on the industry to do a better job of selling itself as the best of the creative sectors for young talent or risk missing out on budding expertise.
MEPs have called on the European Commission, member states and individual data regulators to strengthened transparency of algorithms that companies use when tapping into so-called big data, to minimise the risk of consumers being given different prices of a product based on data collected from...

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With just 14 months to go until GDPR is enforced, only one in ten consumers are aware of the new law. In the commercial sector, however, awareness continues to rise and the number of firms who are very prepared has doubled in a year, as DataIQ's GDPR Impact research reveals.
When both the CBI and CBRE are telling the Government that it is spending its money on the wrong things, perhaps it is time for a review. Right now, creating the data infrastructure to support smart highways and productivity gains looks like the intelligent move to make.
Research by Alteryx has shown that many business decision makers still lack trust in the data insights they are getting - and that it takes too long for those insights to arrive. There is a very real financial impact from this delay, with US companies losing more cash than their UK peers.
An experiment to prove the predictive power of data has mapped trends in crime for London neighbourhoods in 2017. Using open data from police services, data science software provider Dataiku worked with mapping and analytics vendor ESRI to visualise where crime is likely to rise or fall.
When members of the DataIQ 100 met for lunch recently, they discussed the impact which artificial intelligence will have on customer relationships. At the same time, they argued over how smart organisations have really become - and whether you can own a decision if you don't know how it was made.