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Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham has admitted that companies will have to wait until the new year for official guidance on how they can use "legitimate interests" to gain permission for direct marketing under GDPR.
NHS Digital has responded to the global WannaCry ransomware attack - which spread across the health service - by signing a cyber security support agreement with Microsoft.
A new study has exposed widespread ignorance among UK businesses about the long-term effects of a large-scale cyber security breach, with nearly half of British firms expecting to be fully operational just 48 hours after an attack.
The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued a stern warning to public sector staff about the serious consequences of prying into sensitive data without a valid reason.
Google is aiming to steal a march on its tech rivals by launching a dedicated website designed to ensure customers and business partners understand how their data is being collected and stored in line with GDPR.
TalkTalk's claim that its data security is “head and shoulders above rivals” has come back to haunt the company after the Information Commissioner's Office issued yet another fine for its lax approach to keeping customer information safe.

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Brands are increasingly boasting about the analytics they use to deliver products and services. If you get tempted by similar claims about what data science can do for you, be careful you understand what's really on offer, warns David Reed.
Customer experience holds immense promise with some CMOs expecting revenue uplift as high a 40%. David Reed heard from three brands - Permanent TSB, Allied Irish Banks and Sky - how they are building their Cx capabilities one step at a time.
Companies with a positive track record on diversity have better financial performance. In the wake of the viral anti-diversity memo by a now former Google employee, Altify’s executive chairman Donal Daly talks to Toni Sekinah about conclusions that can be drawn from the findings of its Business Performance Benchmark Study.

Organisations that apply an analytical approach to real time customer engagement can see a significant increase in customer satisfaction and profitability. This is the conclusion of a survey by analytics company SAS in the words its UK and Ireland head of customer intelligence, Tiffany Carpenter. Toni Sekinah spoke to her to find out more.

When you look at standardised data sets in a bell curve, they can support whatever political viewpoint you have, left or right. Without taking a close look at the nuances, as Google just discovered, all sorts of controversies can arise.