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Information Commissioner Christopher Graham could finally win the day over his repeated calls for prison sentences for data theft after the Government admitted it will use the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation to re-evaluate the issue.
The Information Commissioner's Office has now issued a total of £2,035,000 in fines for companies making so-called nuisance calls since the law changed to make it easier to crack down on rogue practice last April.
Over half (51%) of senior decision-makers in large businesses are being kept awake at night by the threat of a data breach caused by a cyber-attack; and 49% are having sleepless nights about a data breach resulting from data theft or irresponsible action.
Data security may now be firmly on the boardroom agenda following last year's spate of high-profile hacks on TalkTalk and Sony, but it is the humble email which is proving the easiest route into a company's systems, according to a new analysis.
The Internet of Things may be about to take off but data security measures are lagging behind, according to a new report by Gartner which predicts more than 25% of cyber attacks will involve IoT devices by 2020.
UK information commissioner Christopher Graham has waded into the row over the Privacy Shield data transfer agreement by slamming US authorities' reluctance to make changes.

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Hear that noise? It is the sound of the General Data Protection Regulation clearing the final legislative hurdle and (nearly) becoming law. Given the four-year process and thousands of amendments it underwent, I imagine that, when the European Parliament passed GDPR at second reading today, it sounded like a champagne cork flying out of the bottle.
Data and information only truly matter when they are processed, translated, acted upon and moved across businesses. Neuroscience demonstrates that information is most effectively assimilated through stories which are highly valuable in a data context where we are constantly sharing information and ideas.
A story offers many benefits to the audience:
• Appealling to our senses and engaging with our emotions;
• Penetrating our subconscious, making...
Big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence are converging into cognitive platforms - natural language query engines that have the potential to transform entire industries and even professions. David Reed talked to Phil Westcott, Watson eco-system leader for Europe at IBM, about the impact its solution is starting to have.
Is your strategy based on five basic data assumptions which it is time to question? Alan Mitchell, strategy director, Ctrl-Shift considers how changes in consumer attitudes and new regulatory demands are creating a new paradigm for data-driven business.
It’s well documented that omnichannel customers generate significantly more sales than their single channel counterparts. The online channels of many retailers may well have received an overhaul to avoid losing ground to competitors' digital stores, but whilst this is vital, retailers should never forget that the omnichannel movement is not a fad or a trend.