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The Information Commissioner's Office is gaining even more powers in the crackdown on so-called nuisance calls by being put in charge of the Telephone Preference Service in amove which is designed to enable the ICO to take swifter action against rogue callers.
The RSPCA and British Heart Foundation secretly screened millions of their donors so they could target them for more money, a comprehensive ICO investigation has found.
The Information Commissioner's Office is urging companies to remain vigilant in the run-up to Christmas and New Year, amid warnings that the festive season reguarly triggers data breaches due to organisations running on a skeleton staff.
European firms are planning to ramp up their investment in data protection, especially on cloud and mobile security, next year as the deadline for compliance with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation moves ever closer.
Consumers around the world are becoming increasingly aware of how much their personal data is worth to businesses and are even able to put a price tag on it, with their online data valued at between £10 and to £72.
The Government is being urged to set aside just a fraction of its digital services budget to enable it to recruit a raft of data scientists to work at every local authority to help dig out their "treasure trove of data" and improve public services.

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Customer experience (Cx) has risen to the top of the marketing agenda. To deliver a consistent and compelling Cx, you need to map out what you would like the customer journey to look like and which touchpoints will be involved. And that is where the problems often start.
Customer control of data is embraced by forward-thinking brands. How should marketers navigate this new era?
Online behavioural trackers and ad networks are waking up to the implications of GDPR. Only just realising just what it means for them, few are likely to be compliant when it gets enforced from May 2018. 
Joe Hellerstein is both a renowned computer science professor and the co-founder of data wrangling vendor Trifacta. In this interview with DataIQ, he explains how the two worlds inform and build each other - and why human intervention in AI is essential.
Don't wait until 2018 to ensure your data-driven marketing is compliant. You may not face a fine now, but you should be changing your processes already. Marketing needs to ensure it has sustainable data flows from third-party sources and digital media, both of which may struggle under GDPR.