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While most privacy regulators around the world are taking a softly, softly approach to Facebook sharing data with WhatsApp, the Germans have adopted a much tougher stance by banning it outright.
Digital transformations sometimes may feel like swimming against the tide but those UK businesses which have successfully navigated a course through the waters are reaping the benefits, with sharp increases in revenues, customer engagement and speed to market.
Three out of five (57%) of the 16- to 34-year-old generation which has grown up with digital technology are willing to share data if it makes their lives easier. But 68% of them are uncomfortable with social media firms sharing their information with third parties. 
Nearly a quarter of all brands are now personalising their email campaigns using what could soon be illegal data, because it has been collected through automatic methods, such as IP address tracking, where clear consent can be hard to obtain.
UK and US-based freight forwarder Marine Transport International (MTI) has adopted the shipping industry’s first public blockchain to verify every container it loads. The permanent digital public ledger will replace logs, spreadsheets, data intermediaries and private databases and will enable data...
The data industry might be collectively licking its lips at the prospect of gathering a new stream of information through Internet of Things devices, but the sector could end up with a smack in the mouth after an international study found that huge swathes of the data is not compliant.

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Edward Snowden’s decision to leak thousands of government files caused shockwaves across the world and divided the opinions of his countrymen - four years after the act, the 33-year-old is still viewed as both a hero and a villain. Now, Snowden’s actions are to be given the Hollywood treatment, with controversial director Oliver Stone in the director’s chair and Joseph Gordon-Levitt taking on possibly his most divisive role to date.
2016 has been a busy year so far for privacy lawmakers and regulators as they strive to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation in the information economy. So far, we have seen the approval of a new framework for transferring data from the EU to the US (the Privacy Shield); adoption of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); the passing of the Network and Information Security Directive; and the announcement of a review of the...
One of the striking things about the record data breach suffered by Yahoo! was the low value which the stolen records had on the dark web - just 0.00009 cents each. On the one hand, that could suggest that user names and passwords from two years ago may not be that useful in their own right, certainly compared to financial or sensitive data, like social security number or credit card.
Could the outcome of November’s election for the President of the United States rest less on whatever policies Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have to offer and more on the efforts of malicious hackers? Two senior Democrats who sit on the Senate and House of Representatives intelligence committees today pointed the finger firmly at Russia as a bad actor in the process. Elsewhere, hacked emails and vulnerable voting systems mean that voters...
Global data breaches in the first half of 2016 have already reached 554,454,942, putting the full year on course to hit over 1 billion compromised records. According to the Gemalto Breach Level Index, there have been 974 incidents worldwide to date - a rise of 15% against the same period last year. That puts the volume of stolen or lost records on a run rate of 3,046,456 per day.