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Companies are being urged to create a meaningful exchange of value between themselves and their customers to encourage customers to share their personal data - including profile, preference and behavioural information - to stand out in the crowded loyalty scheme market.
Leeds Institute for Data Analytics at University of Leeds has partnered with Jaywing to create the first MSc focused on the use of data analytics in a commercial environment. Launching in September 2016, it builds on Jaywing’s previous collaboration with Imperial College around predicting emotional...
Cybercrime has been branded "child's play" following new Office for National Statistics data which shows nearly 6 million fraud and online crimes were perpetrated in England and Wales last year - nearly matching general crime.
Any hopes that TalkTalk would be able to draw a line under last October's cyber attack have been dashed by the company's latest results which show its broadband user base has still not recovered from what has been branded a "car crash" breach.
While 65% of IT and business leaders consider their organisations to be digital enterprises and 72% say a single customer view is a very important differentiator, problems with integrating multiple systems and data sources are still a significant obstacle. 
Over three-fifths (64%) of UK marketers state understanding marketing technologies is an increasingly important skill for career success, although many are finding themselves stretched too thinly across mulitple tech vendors, according to a global study into how data, analytics and technology...

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British Athletics is currently pursuing a decade-long plan to build, develop and excel on the world stage. As part of this strategy, it has employed Pace Insights to support data and analytics services, providing insights that can be delivered on the field.
It’s a prospect that has tantalised marketing for a generation: the potential for customer data, intelligence and insight to combine in ways that allow us to predict revenue and growth opportunities. While limitations in technology and access to data have prevented marketers from realising this achievement, new advances are enabling marketers to be more strategic than ever before.
Businesses are built on data and numbers. It’s what makes a company tick and what makes the world go round. But as it gets more and more difficult to attract and retain customers, companies need to recognise that the seemingly unimportant data that they hold could actually be incredibly valuable to their future development. It’s all about knowing how to use it.
Following the fallout from the EU Referendum, the impact on many industries, businesses and individuals across the UK and Europe has been pronounced. As the country begins the process of transitioning out of the EU, it’s important to note how the change will impact data protection and privacy. Data protection reform is global, so Brexit is only one element to consider.
While Turkey was welcoming its new Data Protection Law in April 2016, the EU introduced the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will replace the outdated EU Data Protection Directive. GDPR is accepted as a new era in data protection as it is expanding its applicability to data controllers residing outside the EU.