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The rise of political manipulation through social media has sparked the launch of a new browser plug-in which scuppers the psychometric profiles used by data analysts to target users with messages aligned to their expectations, making them more receptive to the messaging.
New evidence has emerged of the uphill battle brands are facing to offer personalised services online, with two-thirds of UK consumers saying they are increasingly concerned about how companies use their personal information, such as name, email, location, and marital status.
City University of London is attempting to tackle the looming skills shortage by launching a new qualification for budding data scientists, which it claims will be the only MSci - a combined bachelors and masters - for data science available in the UK.
General Election "purdha" might have been called, shutting down all Government business until June 9, but the House of Lords is continuing to take evidence into its inquiry into the EU Data Protection package, quizzing experts on how the UK will fare following Brexit.
Chief marketing officers concede that they are not doing enough to keep customer churn rates down yet continue to prioritise customer acquisition efforts simply because they stil do not have the data or technology in place to track their customers.
Technology giants are among the least trusted by consumers when it comes to handling customer data, according to a new study by the Chartered Institute of Marketing as part of a new initiative calling on businesses to be more responsible with the way they manage their information.

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Girls in ICT, which takes place annually every fourth Thursday in April, matters to the data and analytics world because of the digital skills gap that threatens to choke the current expansion of the industry. From techUK to CA Technologies, 27th April saw a range of events and ongoing initiatives which should not only be replicated, but also need to become ongoing and embedded into corporate culture.
Public apologies are supposed to show a business has learned its lesson and is correcting its course. But that was not the case with blogs posted this week by both co-founders of, a free email unsubscription service owned by Slice Intelligence (itself a division of Rakuten). Instead of having the salutory effect most PRs would advise, their messages came across as, “hey, dummies, how did you think we did this without charging you?”
At DataFest17, three key issues affecting the future of data and analytics came to the surface - whether monetisaton of data will block its use for good, how to build ethics into technology, and keeping your analysts focused on value, not bogged down in data quality. David Reed reports.
Think machine learning could hold the solution to your business problem, but struggling to make the case for investment? A new service that puts a data science toolkit at your fingertips - for free - could be the solution.
A presidential order has freed American ISPs to harvest personal data and compete with online giants like Google for advertising dollars. But are they just monetising a broken business model when there is a better alternative, wonders Ctrl-Shift CEO Liz Brandt.