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Warnings about how brands are still underprepared for the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are still coming thick and fast, with the latest report showing that 90% of businesses reckon it will be hard for them to delete customer data if they are asked and only 40% believe they have a...
Almost three quarters of British businesses are aware that their actions put their customers at risk of being a victim of cybercrime, yet they continue to readily send private and confidential information insecurely anyway.
Nearly half (46%) of UK grocery retail directors are relying on a manual, in-store process - or “gut feel” - to make decisions about product replenishment. Although 91% think that they are meeting customer expectations on product availabilit, perhaps because the other half of this group (46%) have...
RBS and Deloitte will be discussing their implementation of blockchain solutions as part of a new event intended to help business leaders and C-suite executives to understand this emerging data technology. Hosted for the first time in Scotland on 11th November, the event is focused on practical use...
Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham has strengthened the UK's commitment to working with other Commonwealth countries and encourage governments in countries that do not yet have privacy regulators to create laws to protect people’s privacy.
Despite having access to more and more data and more channels than ever before, businesses continue to send communications that their customers view as irrelevant.

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If you were trying to make a Paypal payment last Friday, or wanted to post something on Twitter, you might have been frustrated for a few hours. The reason was a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the domain name server Dyn, which meant users were struggling to find the pages they wanted. DDoS is table stakes for hackers. What made this event significant was the mechanism used - hijacked connected devices.
In the halcyon days of my youth, one of my favourite songs was Don McLean’s “Castles in the air”.  It highlighted McClean’s emotional dislocation between his desire to lead a tranquil, contented life and having to endure the pressures of the city in which he lived. The title refers to plans which have little or no chance of succeeding. I guess he realised his ambition was little more than a forlorn hope at the time he wrote the song.
“I get all my news from Twitter” has become a common boast. Quite often you hear, “I found my new job via LinkedIn”. But you rarely get professional people talking about their Facebook presence. Yet the market cap per user of these companies is the complete reverse - $54.4 for a Twitter user, $64.2 for LinkedIn and $167.9 for Facebook, according to Forbes in October 2015.
Although 74% of Baby Boomers say they are encouraged to spend with a brand that has a loyalty programme, this falls to 58% of Generation X - and among Millennials, just 41% agree. But if retailers get the proposition right, it can be the start of long-term, valuable relationships with this group.
Who’d have thought it? Data gets people more agitated than a Donald Trump supporter at a Hillary Clinton rally. New research from the Chartered Institute of Marketing suggests that people are "bewildered and fearful" of companies sharing their personal information.