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The seemingly unstoppable stampede of big data may still irk some who question its very existence, but, call it what you like, one factor cannot be disputed; there is a burgeoning market for storing the stuff.
Consumers may be increasingly aware of the threat to their personal data from online criminals but the vast majority (70%) believe it is brand owners' responsibility to protect and secure this information, with only 30% reckoning they should do more themselves.
One solution to the looming data skills crisis has emerged in a new report which predicts that more than 40% of data science tasks will be carried out by machines within three years, enabling "mere mortals" to carry out more complex assignments.
The Information Commissioner's Office is bigging up its record in tackling so-called nuisance calls, insisting the £1m in fines it has issued since last April's change in the law are only the tip of the iceberg, with a further £2m in monetary penalties in the pipeline.
UK technology businesses - including companies offering big data, adtech and e-commerce - attracted significantly more investment in 2016 than their counterparts across Europe, securing more than £6.7bn worth of venture capital and private equity funding.
Data analysis is now seen as the most crucial skill in the marketing department, surpassing even social media and SEO, although it is claimed most have yet to get their hands on the tools which will make this possible.

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Customer service and marketing leader Stephen Ingledew headed up the marketing and customer division of Standard Life for four years from 2012, having first joined the company in 2007. At the end of last year, he left to take a well-earned break and, as he reflected on his time at the pensions and investment company, he shared his thoughts on digital transformation with DataIQ.
Progress is a motherhood and apple pie concept, as the Americans like to call them. Nobody disagrees with it, but few can define exactly why it is especially welcome. If you say a new development is just part of progress, it is a quick way to gain buy-in. Data protection has enjoyed that association, especially with the explosion in volumes generated by technology. But are those days over? Have we passed the moment of peak data protection?
B2B marketers may have dodged the opt-in bullet in the ePrivacy Directive review, but digital marketers are less happy about what it will mean for consent to cookies. Charlie McKelvey investigates.
Economists may have been schooled by the Queen back in 2008 for missing the financial crisis and have been forced again to apologise for their doom-laden post-Brexit predictions, but that is no reason to avoid some casual forecasting for the data industry. So here are five possible trends which could emerge over the next 12 months.
Using predictive analytics, broken down into three simple steps, businesses can catapult customer satisfaction from a simple series of KPIs to a far more information-driven, accurate and proven journey.