Minimising People Risks

About this report

If your organisation has an IT infrastucture, it has data. If it has data, it needs data governance. Data governance is a suite of policies and strategies that ensure compliance, data security, data quality and IT assurance. It is also a process that has to be enacted in day-to-day business activities every time personal information or sensitive data is being handled.

That means data governance is both corporate and individual.

Every employee needs to understand and conform to stated policies and regulations.The organisation needs to be able to audit that understanding and demonstrate to regulators that it
is maintaining best practice.

Directors of companies that suffer a data loss or security breach could even face jail sentences. Equally, organisations are increasingly recognising that data is a core business asset, (a key driver of business profits and growth), that needs to be carefully protected and nurtured for maximum value. An effective data governance strategy is essential in this task.

This white paper explains the context in which data governance solutions are now being adopted. It describes the challenges and requirements around information and IT assurance and offers a solution which is agile, flexible and scalable enough to meet this new demand.


The following topics are covered within this report:

  • Data Governance
  • Data Policy
  • Contractual Compliance

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