12 Top Tips for Data Loss Identification & Protection

About this report

Data is an asset which needs to be protected. Its loss or theft may not only cause a direct financial loss but can lead to other consequences including significant damage to a brand’s reputation – think Sony, HMRC, Epsilon to name but a few.

In a survey of directors and senior managers earlier this year, DQM Group found that:

• 78% of respondents believed it is common place for sales and marketing staff to take customer contact data when they leave an organisation.

• 52% felt there was no way to spot data theft after an employee has left.

• Over 50% felt there were no effective legal penalties for employees found guilty of data theft.

To limit data theft and loss, organisations need to adopt a programme of Data Loss Identification and Prevention. As the data owner you have obligations under the Data Protection Act to keep personal data secure – the ICO can levy fines of up to £500k if you don’t.

This whitepaper give 12 Top Tips to help implement a data loss identification and prevention programme.


The following topics are covered within this report:

Data Security
Data Seeding
Retention and Policy
Access Control
Data management


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