Data Governance - Avoiding the 7 deadly sins

About this report

This white paper aims to highlight and discuss the seven key problematic areas of good data governance, with particular emphasis on the Data Protection Act and Information Security.

If your organisation has an IT infrastructure, it has data. If it has data, it needs Data Governance. Data Governance is a suite of policies and strategies that ensures compliance, data security, data quality and IT assurance. It is also a process that has to be enacted in day-to-day business activities every time personal information or sensitive data is being handled.

You can use this whitepaper to help your own organisation avoid similar expensive and embarrassing mistakes - the principles outlined remain true for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

But you should view this whitepaper as an introduction only - DQM group can help with a full range of services that can help secure and advance the use of data within your organisation.


The following topics are covered within this report:

Data collection
Data minimisation
Retention and Policy
Access Control
Data management


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