Life events - the hidden marketing key to solving customer churn

Beyond the headlines and on the ground the picture of data-driven marketing is in most cases far behind the claimed adoption curve. To find out why, DataIQ conducted research among its community on behalf of Royal Mail Data Services.

The survey focused on a range of issue confronting today’s data-driven marketers, from the major challenges they face to the obstacles encountered in achieving those goals. Findings are presented in this downloadable report which gives a powerful insight into why the right vision is in place, but the delivery lags behind.

Written by David Reed, Research Director and Editor-in-Chief, DataIQ, the report covers:

  • Why marketing needs data
  • How to implement data-driven marketing
  • The adoption of data-driven marketing

This research report and is free to download but requires you to register/login. Please note that the contact details you provide may be provided back to the report sponsors Royal Mail Data Services and our programme partners DQM Group who may wish to contact you further.