A marketers guide to a modern single customer view

A marketers guide to a modern single customer view

The imperative for a Single Customer View has come from companies and institutions trying to manage customer relations in an increasingly complex multi-channel environment.

A recent survey published spring 2015 by Econsultancy found that 89% of senior retail marketers agreed that ‘Our customer experience is our brand’.

Delivering a consistent experience across all channels requires both complexity as a result of integration across channels and technologies, and simplification; i.e. reducing big data volumes down to meaningful summaries so that customers’ needs can be understood and met.

Another dimension is time; customers expect real-time responses, and immediately updated information, despite their own use of multiple touchpoints. The implication is that to successfully manage customer relations any new data received has to be integrated immediately into the customer record.

Lastly there is the problem of identity itself: most of us would agree with John Locke, the philosopher, that ‘personal identity (or the self) to be founded on consciousness’ (viz. memory). However the humble marketer only has access to external identifiers such as an email address or cookie ID.

Maintaining an individual’s identity when any external identifier can change is another requirement met within the Single Customer View.  We call it the digital passport.

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