Data Driven Marketing -Trend Report 2014/15

This report discusses the findings of a survey of over 250 FastStats® software users working within marketing and technology disciplines across a variety of industries. Discover what other organisations are doing with their data in the challenging areas of social media, real time and multi-channel campaigning. Uncover trends in the adoption of marketing automation, growing data volumes and cloud hosting, as well as learning what others plan to confront or dismiss over the coming year.

Key findings

  • The majority of respondents use social media within their organisations. Only 6% of respondents have connected their social media data into their main customer database illustrating the challenges and complexities this entails.
  • Email was the dominant marketing channel for 63% of respondents during 2014, followed by direct mail for only 29%. Retention and upselling was the overwhelming dominant purpose of email marketing for the majority of respondents.
  • Most respondents cited campaign data and response data as data sources for their FastStats® data analysis and campaign management systems.
  • The demand for real-time data is high to enable businesses to use this information for timely analysis and communication.
  • 33% of respondents have already implemented marketing automation software within their businesses and half of all respondents plan, or aspire, to do so.
  • Nearly 45% of respondents are managing transactional data volumes in the 10’s and 100’s of millions. However, data volumes range from one extreme to the other – less than 100K to billions.
  • 27% of respondents are already deploying marketing systems in the cloud. 30% plan to start using the cloud or aspire to in the future.
  • The most popular number of campaigns sent per week is five or less. Interestingly 12% of respondents send over 50 campaigns a week, perhaps due to the increased use of automation.

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