How to get Payback on B2B data quality

Five tenets companies embrace to realise ROI

Today, companies are bombarded with an exploding volume of data in corporate applications and through social media. Not surprisingly, data inaccuracy is at an all time high. At a time when companies are scrutinizing the ROI of every expenditure, why invest in data quality? Simply put, accurate and complete data throughout the organization provides a gold-mine of intelligence that can be used to strengthen competitive position.

According to The Gartner Group, poor data quality drains a company on average $8.2 million annually in squandered resources and expenses for operational inefficiencies, missed sales and unrealized new opportunities.1 In addition a Forrester research study2 reveals that only 12% percent of companies actually use data-driven intelligence to guide key business functions and corporate strategy. That means that 88% are putting up with the waste, inefficiencies and lost opportunities that dirty data creates.

Companies that commit to data quality use their knowledge of customers, prospects and vendors to achieve top-line and bottom-line results.

This white paper from Dun & Bradstreet provides insight on:

1. Data Quality

2. Data Breadth and Coverage

3. Flexible Targetting

4. Account Management

5. Value

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