Voice - The Relationship Milestone

The humble phone may feel old school, but in today’s digital world the human voice has a significant impact on how and where customers purchase products and services.

If you integrate the phone as part of your customer journey you can:

  • Increase conversion33% of respondents said they are ‘more likely to buy’.
  • Improve customer experience 50% said they would feel ‘more confident’ if they could speak with a knowledgeable agent
  • Increase brand loyalty73% said they would be more likely to recommend a brand to friends and family if they had a great experience on the phone.


Call-based Marketing Automation gives you the power to create seamless experiences as your customers move from online to offline. Do it well and your customers are more like to buy, spend more, stay loyal and spread the word.

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Explore the role the phone call has on improving customer experience and brand loyalty showing just how important the integration of the offline and online world is for the connected consumer and for the brands of today. Introducing the role of Call-based Marketing Automation, an emerging solution that looks to leverage the online journey to improve the offline experience.