The Business Case for the Single Customer View

Why implement a Single customer view?
Neopost CIM Front CoverThe prospect of implementing an integrated customer view across an organisation can be daunting, with many companies being deterred due to the potential scope of the undertaking. Likewise it is also all-too-common for project teams to suffer from “boiling the ocean” syndrome as they try to solve every conceivable problem in one engagement. Needless to say, this type of approach seldom succeeds. It is possible, however, to ensure that your implementation is manageable and successful by making clearly defined choices and setting quantifiable objectives.
This whitepaper outlines the specific objectives and opportunities for three key business areas (Sales and Marketing, Risk and Regulations, Operational Efficiency) as well as the benefits for IT. Considerations are then offered for the preparation of a business case for establishing a single customer view in your organisation.


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