Get to know your customers, inside out

If you know your customers better, you can cater to their needs better to increase customer satisfaction and marketing ROI. Find out how data consultants do it.
Marketscan whitepaper coverData Profiling is a keyword. Big Data's a buzzphrase. But what do data consultants actually do? Many in the field divide it into six areas. Segmentation, penetration, visualisation, planning, profiling and propensity. While each can happen on its own, they deliver even greater value as a process.
This whitepaper covers all six stages of the process and more, with real into data planning and strategy. Step by step the whitepaper walks you through the process of; segmenting by customer behaviour, understanding the market you're workng in & benchmarking, visualising your data to make sense and find patterns, planning your strategy, profiling your customer to know what success is like and finally reporting with results that can be taken forwards. 



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