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Those who advocate that the US should implement GDPR-style legislation have had their case strengthened by a new survey of consumers which shows that two-thirds (67%) of Americans think the US government should do more to protect data privacy. Among those calling for new federal laws is Apple chief executive Tim Cook, who recently praised GDPR and called for an equivalent to be passed in the US as soon as possible. However, it seems, Americans are already taking action to protect themselves, according to the study carried out by SAS.
The health service risks losing out on huge potential revenue in the future if it does not put in place a strategy to capitalise on the increasing value of the medical data it holds, according to a new report.
The dominance of London and the South East in tech industry occupations threatens to further skew the growth of employment in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) industries in the coming years.
Businesses are failing to make the most of their data due to a lack of analytics skills, according to a study, which claims the most pressing issue is being unable to integrate multiple data sets.
Businesses which place emphasis on digital transformation are far more confident about their future growth, according to a new report, which reveals that almost four in five (79%) business leaders see digital transformation as a strategic priority.
The UK’s leading academics and health specialists are joining forces for a new programme to tap into the huge streams of medical data to ultimately improve the care patients receive from the NHS.
The use of data in marketing and sales activities has risen up the corporate agenda and is now seen as a board-level responsibility for the majority of businesses.
Analytical skills will become a major part of financial services professionals' roles as the industry undergoes a massive shift in focus to tap into the rise of big data.
The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has launched a new initiative to help small businesses tap into the opportunities created by the capital’s flourishing artificial intelligence and technology sectors.
Marketers are facing huge challenges in ensuring that their skills stay relevant and up-to-date, according to the IDM's latest 'Professional Skills Census 2018', which highlights 13 key skills gaps which those in the industry believe need to be addressed.
Companies are putting themselves at risk of losing their most valuable business information by following a "one-size-fits-all" approach to data security.
‏Artificial intelligence and machine learning are set to become mainstream digital marketing tools in the next 12 months, despite consumer scepticism over whether they will actually improve interaction with brands.
The data watchdog has published new guidance for charities to promote good practice in their handling of personal information and to ensure that they comply with the Data Protection Act
Some of the UK’s biggest companies have been accused of stealing personal data from their rivals for competitive gain, in fresh press allegations over rogue private detectives.
Germany is urging fellow European Union countries to support its strategy for a new global online privacy charter, after the country's data protection regulators called for Europe to suspend data transfers, following concerns over the US Prism row.
Homeware retailer Lakeland has become the latest high-profile victim of an online hack attack, and is warning shoppers who have used its website their details may have been compromised.
The true cost of cyber crime and espionage to businesses has been over-exaggerated for years, according to a new study, which claims the much-quoted figure of $1tn (£650bn) a year is “the upper limit”.
A Conservative peer’s one-man crusade against British litter-bugs could land him in trouble with the data watchdog, after he
A new report lifts the lid on the digital economy and claims Government estimates of the size of the sector fall way short of reality, with firms based outside London leading the way.
Consumers should be able to demand the instant correction of personal data held about them by the Government or companies which provide Government services, according to MPs sitting on a Parliamentary committee.
Companies looking to upgrade their computer systems are being warned to ensure they wipe off all personal data stored on
Fears are growing that the European Union will railroad support for its proposed update of European data laws by exploiting the privacy backlash created by the US Prism snooping scandal.
Business chiefs have admitted they see their own staff as the greatest threat to corporate data and computer systems – with many companies showing an “alarmingly casual approach” to keeping information secure.