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Thomson Reuters has expanded its sentiment data offerings to track the top 100 cryptocurrencies through its partnership with quantitative behavioral science firm MarketPsych Data LLC, which uses machine learning and natural language processing to measure a breadth of emotional and topical items across news and social media sites. The MarketPsych Indices (TRMI) package, first launched in 2012,  analyses data in real time across 2,000 top global news sites and 800 global financial social media sites.
The Government is to make parts of the Ordnance Survey (OS) MasterMap freely available to businesses as part of plans to  open up access to geospatial data and drive innovation across the UK economy, in a move ministers claim will boost the UK economy by £130m a year.
Dixons Carphone has finally fessed up to a massive data breach, which it claimed happened "during the past year" admitting that a hack attack on its systems has compromised nearly 6 million payment cards and 1.2 million personal data records.
The Privacy Shield agreement, which was only passed in June 2016 in an 11th-hour compromise to replace the illegal Safe Harbour transatlantic data deal, fails to properly protect EU consumers and must be suspended unless the US complies with its terms.
Businesses are leaving themselves wide open to malware attacks by having inadequate  - and in some cases non-existent - back-up data systems, with almost 4 million UK businesses affected.
The scale of the challenge which companies face in keeping their data secure has been exposed by a new study which claims that three in four businesses in Europe have suffered a domain name system (DNS) attack over the past year.
The Open Data Institute (ODI) has sent out a call for action to public sector chiefs to work with the organisation to creating and testing tools that use open data in new ways for public services, on the back of four projects it completed which were backed funding from the government-backed Innovate UK.
The United Nations has extended its strategic partnership with data analytics platform Qlik to continue to deliver critical and actionable analytics insights to boost UN sustainability missions and humanitarian efforts across the world.
SCL Elections, the sister company of Cambridge Analytica, is facing the full force of the UK courts - including an unlimited fine - after refusing to respond to a legal order issued by the UK Information Commissioner's Office to provide details of the data it holds on an American citizen.
One third of global business decision makers say that their organisation would try to cut costs by considering paying a ransom demand from a hacker rather than invest in information security, and although in the UK this figure drops to a fifth, sparking claims that some firms are worryingly naive when it comes to protecting their da
EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has rejected UK calls for the Information Commissioner's Office to maintain a key role in European data protection issues following Brexit by insisting that Britain will be relegated to "third country" status after March 2019.
One of US President Donald Trump's closest allies has launched a scathing attack on GDPR, claiming the new regulation will prevent the UK - and the rest of Europe - from trading with America and even threaten the fight against terrorism.
Google chiefs may have been quietly smug about Facebook's data protection woes but they have had those smiles wiped off their faces following claims that the company has been illegally harvesting huge amounts of user information from Android phones.
IBM is aiming to tackle one of the biggest threats to data governance in the modern age - and a key factor in data breaches - by implementing a worldwide ban on its own employees using removable storage devices.
Health food retailer Holland & Barrett is planning a major push into marketing analytics with the appointment of data science specialist Starcount to take a lead role in its three-year transformation plan.
The Bar Council - the body which represents barristers in the UK - has warned that the rush to push through the "clumsily drafted" UK Data Protection Bill will hand the Information Commissioner's Office powers which could put consumers’ and businesses’ legal rights in jeopardy.
The quest for GDPR compliance might still be vexing many businesses but it is certainly proving a boon for the recruitment market, with demand for big data skills and professionals surging by 78% in the past 12 months.
Twitter has taken the unprecedented step of urging its entire user base of 330 million customers to change their passwords following what is described as a "glitch" in its internal network.
The head of data protection at the European Commission, Giovanni Buttarelli, has launched a stinging attack on social media and tech firms over a barrage of privacy policy emails in the run up to GDPR, claiming the Facebook data scandal has exposed a "broken and unbalanced ecosystem reliant on unscrupulous personal data collection".
As the countdown to GDPR D-Day continues apace, a new study claims that many organisations will be inundated with requests for personal information from UK consumers, with two in five (40%) already planning to take advantage of their data privacy rights within six months of 25th May, although most doubt whether firms will be able to
Facebook's data scandal appears to have had a knock-on affect across all companies operating in the sector - as well as mainstream brands - with a new study showing that fewer than a fifth (17%) of consumers say they now trust social media companies with their personal data.
Women in Data UK and The Female Lead are inviting nominations for this year’s Twenty in Data, the first initiative of its kind to focus on female talent in the data and technology sector. The 2018 edition will build on the success of last year’s publication and event, with a particular emphasis on identifying women working in the “missing middle layer of management”.
Over three-quarters of charities admit they still have plenty of work to do to meet the GDPR D-Day deadline of May 25, with most organisations still scratching their heads over how they will achieve consent to carry on their marketing activities.