Mobile gaming to embrace blockchain for 'cryptogaming'

DataIQ News

The mobile gaming industry is embracing blockchain technology with the launch of a new ecosystem from RewardMob that integrates player rewards across multiple games, while also enabling players and developers to send and receive faster transactions.

To tap into the burgeoning mobile esports market, which attracts more than 2.1 billion players worldwide, the company is launching a ticket sale to provide players with the opportunity to access the pay-to-play tournaments, as well as being able to skip the qualifying rounds of an upcoming RewardMob Mobile eSports Championship.

The sale will not only act as a promotional event, but will also attract players to "cryptogaming". The revenue from the sale of tickets will flow back into prizes and marketing so that the company can further attract players, game developers and advertisers to the platform.

Unlike most offerings in the cryptocurrency space, the platform already has a working product and will span multiple mobile esports titles. It will reward players with "RMOB" tokens through gameplay and tournaments which can be used to enter paid tournaments or exchanged with other players, much like a real currency.

The platform also incentivises developers by helping their games reach more players based on interests, as well as increase player engagement and streamline advertisement and sponsorship within mobile applications.

RewardMob has already partnered with several leading mobile game developers including BigCode Games, GameAnax, Dumadu Games, and PlayPay Games. Combined, these studios have over 2,500 game titles and 150 million game installations.

BigCode Games founder Mohammed Ahmed said: "We are excited to be working with RewardMob and the opportunity to make our games even more exciting for our fans. RewardMob will help bring a 'mobile esports' feel to our games allowing our users to play for free and win real money, prizes and cryptocurrency."