ICO steps up raids as probe into crash data theft widens

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The Information Commissioner’s Office is seemingly leaving no stone unturned in its investigation into nuisance calls over personal injury claims after it executed a further two search warrants in the North West as part of its ongoing enquiries.

Homes in Macclesfield and Droylsden are the latest to have been raided as part of the nuisance call probe which is related to data theft from car body repair shops.

The same investigation saw a business and two homes raided in December.

ICO enforcement group manager Mike Shaw said: “Many people get unsolicited calls suggesting they’ve had been involved in an accident, and wonder how the caller had their details. Calls can leave them feeling uneasy and frustrated.

“We’re working hard to crack down on the illegal trade of personal details that fuel this part of the nuisance call industry. In December we searched three properties as part of an investigation focused on the North West. That investigation has now progressed, enabling us to search two homes today in order to gather more evidence.”

The investigation was prompted by complaints from car body repair centres and the National Body Repair Association.

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