ICO gets over 300 replies to GDPR draft consent guidance

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The Information Commissioner's Office is wading through over 300 responses to its controversial draft GDPR consent guidance, which has been slated by both the DMA and the Fundraising Regulator.

In a blog post, interim head of policy and engagement Jo Pedder said that the regulator hoped to have its final guidance published by June but conceded that this "may be affected by developments at European level".

She added: "The hard work of analysing the feedback is under way and this will feed into the final version of the guidance. We will also be taking into account any guidelines on consent that may be issued by relevant European authorities. We will also be producing a summary of the responses that we received to the consultation."

The DMA, which has already published its own response, will be hoping that the ICO will take its serious concerns into account having claimed in its current form its will be bad for business and bad for the economy.

DMA MD Rachel Aldighieri said: "We believe that some aspects of the ICO’s Guidance will have a significant effect on both the customer experience and the industry at large.

“For example, if the Guidance remains as outlined the sheer volume of new tick boxes could only serve to confuse consumers rather than inform them.

“An over strict interpretation of the GDPR will have a negative impact on consumers, have economic consequences for the marketing industry and impact the UK economy more broadly.”

Meanwhile, the Fundraising Regulator claimed the draft guidance threatened to spread confusion. It said: “While we appreciate and support the need for stronger wording in the new guidance under the stricter GDPR, we would advocate that a statement is provided acknowledging a change in language used and contextualising this, to avoid the risk of being seen to contradict previous guidance.”


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