Government pledges to put data at heart of all decisions

DataIQ News

The UK Government has pledged to boost its data strategy by appointing a new chief data officer and advisory board as it seeks to deliver improved data discovery tools and data sharing as well as open data that could help businesses grow.

The promise, included in the much-delayed digital transformation strategy, will also see greater co-operation and data sharing between Whitehall departments, and a more “open government".

The strategy was originally set to be released in early 2016, but was delayed until after the EU Referendum. The report outlines how investment in the Government Digital Service - which was allocated £450m in the November 2015 Spending Review - will better transform the relationship between citizen and state by harnessing digital to build and deliver services.

The document insists data is a “critical resource for enabling more efficient, effective government and public services that respond to users’ needs” and points to the use of predictive analytics to anticipate demand for services and to prepare to meet citizens’ and businesses’ changing needs.

It says the Data Advisory Board will “align efforts to make best use of data across government, which will oversee a number of examples of better use of data and areas where we can build momentum”.