DMA warns firms that GDPR training is an ongoing journey

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The House of Commons may have come under fire for wasting nearly £100,000 of taxpayers’ money on faulty GDPR training, but at least they had some - new DMA research reveals that 27% of marketers received no training for GDPR prior to the deadline on May 25.

The industry body's latest "GDPR and You - Chapter 5" research shows that one of the biggest priorities for marketers and their organisations when it comes to GDPR revolves around staff training – with a spike in the past six months in the number of marketers who feel they have received appropriate training for the regulation, up 21% from November 2017 to 54% in the latest survey.

Some 34% felt that more training was needed and the majority (68%) agree that training will be integral to their organisation complying beyond the deadline.

Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing (IDM) managing director Jane Cave said: "The only way to professionalise the marketing industry is to arrive at a point where marketers are regularly trained in key skills required of a 'modern marketer' such as consumer data management, customer engagement, regulation compliance and accountability."

"GDPR compliance is an ongoing journey that didn't end on May 25 - industry professionals must continue to learn and adapt as they get to grips with the new legislation. Therefore, ongoing training and support is essential for marketers and organisations to reap the rewards of GDPR. Only then will they develop innovative strategies to improve customer engagement."

However, while GDPR might be implemented, there is more to come with the shake-up of legislation covering electronic marketing, under the ePrivacy Directive, which will replace the Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR).

The DMA's research found that 74% of marketers were aware of the new changes, suggesting that a significant number still are not. The report goes onto discuss the biggest concerns marketers have related to ePrivacy, being B2B opt-in (34%), consent for cookies (26%), and telemarketing opt-in (24%).

Cave added: "The IDM offers a range of free guidance, accredited training courses and qualifications around the new regulations and related skills. We are in a fortunate position to make use of cutting-edge research and insights from the DMA's 1000+ members to provide guidance in skills that are vital to the progression of the marketing industry."