The Data Lab puts the boot camp into Scotland

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Upskilling data analysts with the techniques of data science could be the key to unlocking £17 billion in economic value from data for Scotland. That is the goal of The Data Lab, the £11.3 million funded innovation centre, which is partnering with New York’s The Data Incubator to run Scotland’s first-ever three-week boot camp in September.

The programme will be delivered in partnership with Michael Li, founder of The Data Incubator and a former NASA analyst whose US-based courses are said to be “harder to get into than Harvard”. Brian Hills, head of data at The Data Lab, said: “Securing Michael and The Data Incubator is a real coup for Scotland. They are recognised as the go-to experts in the data training sector globally. It means Scotland will make the most of the opportunity on our doorstep by actively enhancing the pipeline of talented data scientists. We are looking forward to working closely with them, targeting industries such as finance and oil and gas where data science skills are in high demand.”

Michael Li, The Data Incubator

Li noted that “traditional academic courses are poorly-suited for those who already have a strong statistical background.” By focusing on upskilling analysts through intensive training, The Data Lab hopes to increase the flow of data science candidates. 

“The skills needed to exploit the data opportunity are in great demand and short supply. With the average cost of recruiting a data scientist around £10,000, we’ve come up with a pioneering solution with The Data Incubator that will upskill existing talent and allow organisations to benefit quickly. Boot camps get results. This one will transform those that already have a strong data background into genuine data scientists,” said Hills.

Up to 50 places are available on the programme and applications are now being accepted via