Companies still fear they will fail to meet GDPR deadline

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The GDPR deadline may be fast approaching but two-thirds of companies across Europe and the US are still concerned over whether they will meet the deadline, while a third believe this failure to comply puts the survival of their business in jeopardy.

According to a NetApp study, which quizzed over 1,000 decision makers across France, Germany, the US, and the UK are united in their concerns, firms in the UK and US are most concerned with the impact of fines, on 41% and 40% respectively, 40%), while in France the figure is 34%. of German respondents are the most confident, with just over a quarter 26% worried about the future of their business.

Global respondents also shared their views on potential damage to their reputation. This concern is most pertinent in the UK, where 56% of respondents say the impact of noncompliance will cause reputational damage to their business, followed by the United States with 52%, France with 49%, and Germany with 45%.

When it comes to meeting the deadline, overall 67% fear that their businesses may not be compliant until after the deadline. US decision makers are the least optimistic, with over three-quarters (76%) expressing some level of concern, but their European counterparts are not far behind, with 74% of UK respondents and 60% of German respondents echoing these concerns. French businesses are the least concerned (59%).

Meanwhile accessing data is also proving troublesome; globally only 40% of respondents stated that they can say with confidence where all of their data is kept.

NetApp head of EMEA legal & global legal shared services Dierk Schindler said: "It is surprising to see that so many businesses are still not convinced that they will meet the deadline. However, the level of awareness of the implications of the GDPR deadline is clearly high.

"This should now translate into the necessary motivation for the final weeks and beyond, to push toward compliance, and to maintain it. Once over the line, businesses will be all set to grow and compete with the added confidence of knowing they are engaging in best practice data management."