AI-driven drug discovery platform secures £1m funding

DataIQ News

Innovate UK, the non-departmental public body which reports to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, is funding a new project which aims to use data science to boost the discovery of new medical treatments.

The £1 million in funding has been handed to a consortium of scientific companies which specialise in drug discovery, and includes software company Optibrium, artificial intelligence specialist Intellegens and Medicines Discovery Catapult.

The aim is to harness the power of AI to learn from complex data to help scientists in the design and testing of potential new medical treatments. Drug discovery generates a huge quantity of complex biological, chemical, clinical and safety information that needs to be collected, analysed and presented in a way to make evidence-based decisions.

The research partners aim to provide better insights into how a drug interacts with the body, improving the efficiency and productivity of drug discovery. The project will use deep learning methods aimed at creating a new platform that will better predict the absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity of new drugs.

Optibrium CEO Matthew Segall said: “We will apply cutting edge deep learning methods and new data to address important challenges in drug optimisation. The funding from Innovate UK is important validation of our project team’s expertise and the impact it will have on the industry’s efficiency and productivity.”