30% of employees have never had cyber security training

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The vast majority of employees are putting their business at risk when working remotely, although it appears the blame lies firmly with the companies themselves as nearly a third of staff have never had cyber security training.

That is according to a new study by T-Systems, the corporate IT arm of Deutsche Telekom, which says employees represent "a huge and vulnerable back door for viruses and cyber criminals into businesses' IT networks".

The likelihood of viruses spreading from personal devices and into work files is rising, as the number of connected devices in UK households grows. The average household now has seven smartphones, PCs, tablets, laptops, smart TVs or game consoles.

Around 30% of households now own at least one connected IoT device, with the most common (12.7%) being are voice-controlled products like Amazon Echo or a Samsung Smart Hub.

However, according to the study, 88% of people undertake at least one 'risky' activity when working remotely, whether that is having no anti-virus protection (17%), sending work documents to personal email accounts (28%) or sharing passwords between work and personal devices (12%).

Scott Cairns, head of cyber security in the UK for T-Systems, said: "Once one device at home picks up malware, it can easily spread to others on the network. Employees emailing work documents to and from home devices opens the door for malware to be spread throughout the organisation.

"It is easy to blame employees for this practice, but many do not receive adequate training from their employer, and many get none at all."

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