We employ experts in data quality management, database management, digital marketing, media acquisition and creative services.
Our data services will help you target your campaign more accurately and deliver better results. We'll help you remove old records, add the correct postcode and find customers that have moved.
Serendipity2 is a leading strategic consultancy helping major consumer brands and retailers to acquire and retain customers with the objective of driving customer engagement, sales and lifetime brand loyalty. Underpinned by insight, our services include sales and marketing strategy, location planning, estate segmentation, category planning, store openings and territory planning.
Tealium revolutionises today’s digital businesses with a universal approach to managing the ever-increasing flows of customer data - spanning web, mobile, offline and Internet of Things devices.
The Ark passionately believe the foundation of any successful business depends on the quality of its customer database and that process starts with clean, accurate and reliable data. It publishes the two most comprehensive, reliable and accurate suppression files for use in marketing suppression and in fraud applications, along with a range of truly unique lifestyle pre-screening products, made available for the very first time.
The Customer Framework (TCF) specialises in helping large organisations deliver profitable business growth. We do this by transforming their data-driven marketing capabilities to take advantage of an ‘always-on’, super-connected, data rich world. As a technology and agency agnostic consultancy, TCF’s assessment and benchmarking, roadmaps and delivery services are the key to our clients unlocking profitable growth across the customer lifecycle, from data-driven media to the design and delivery of a consistent and personalised customer experience.
We are dedicated to keeping the profession abreast of new techniques, new media and new practices.
Warwick Analytics provide automated predictive analytics that can eliminate 80% of time spent transforming data for analysis. The software can be deployed by business users as well as data scientists and handles unstructured data including text.
Xynics are a Data Solutions Consultancy working closely with clients, implementing tools, processes and integrating data to build effective business intelligence, processes and strategy.


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