Your organisation’s data is a strategic asset and competitive differentiator. But actionable insights can only be achieved through proper data quality. At Experian Data Quality, we help companies to unlock the power of their data, so they can improve profits, control costs and avoid risks. With our range of data quality solutions and services, you can have confidence that your data is delivering value.
Highly accurate and reliable customer data is the lifeblood of any business today. helpIT system's matchIT range of data quality solutions delivers exactly this via intelligent fuzzy and phonetic matching routines generating complete 360 degree single customer views, including address validation and data enhancement as well as suppression screening and mailsortation solutions.
We're Jaywing. We bring together over 700 different specialists, and a wealth of experience underpinned by data and insight, to deliver a unique understanding of how brands connect with customers.
MicroStrategy (Nasdaq: MSTR) is a worldwide leader in enterprise analytics and mobility software. A pioneer in the BI and analytics space, MicroStrategy delivers innovative software that empowers people to make better decisions and transform the way they do business. We provide our enterprise customers with world-class software and expert services so they can deploy unique intelligence applications.
We employ experts in data quality management, database management, digital marketing, media acquisition and creative services.
Our data services will help you target your campaign more accurately and deliver better results. We'll help you remove old records, add the correct postcode and find customers that have moved.
Hello. We are TAP London. We work directly with brands and agencies, to deliver cross-channel, data-driven marketing and customer experience solutions.
Tealium revolutionises today’s digital businesses with a universal approach to managing the ever-increasing flows of customer data - spanning web, mobile, offline and Internet of Things devices.
We are dedicated to keeping the profession abreast of new techniques, new media and new practices.


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