Ambitious and successful organisations are actively developing their data assets to drive business performance.  However, data more than any business asset can also be a massive liability.

According to the latest research:

  • 1 in 3 retail organisations 5 business are predicted to encounter a material data breach in the next 2 year.  The average across all types of organisation is 1 in 5.
  • Fewer customers remain loyal following a data breach – churn increased by 8% following incidents in 2014*  (*Ponemeon Institute May 2014 sponsored by IBM.)

We specialise in helping successful organisations avoid data disasters and build customer trust in their data. Once protected we drive their performance through the smart use of data.

Governance Services

A range of services designed specifically to let you manage and use your valuable data more effectively - Read more

Risk Mitigation

Services that lower your exposure to data theft, contractual breach and other damaging data risks - Read more


Helping your Organisation assess current level of data protection legal compliance - and giving you the tools to improve - Read more

GRC Research

A wide range of data research and data quality assessment programmes - Read more


Reports & Whitepapers: 

10 First Steps to Data Security

As new opportunities emerge to create value by using new company data sources, so the opportunity for data loss and data breach increase. To help combat this increasing risk of data loss DQM Group has produced this short white paper listing a simple 10 step framework for organisations to consider when using 3rd parties.

12 Top Tips for Data Loss Identification & Protection

Data is an asset which needs to be protected. Its loss or theft may not only cause a direct financial loss but can lead to other consequences including significant damage to a brand’s reputation. This whitepaper give 12 Top Tips to help implement a data loss identification and prevention programme.

5 Top Tips to get CRM Back on Track

The benefits associated with an single customer view (SCV) seem obvious but many businesses fail to deliver on the promise due to underlying data quality issues. This whitepaper gives 5 top tips to get your CRM programme back on track.

Data Governance - Avoiding the 7 deadly sins

This white paper aims to highlight and discuss the seven key problematic areas of good data governance, with particular emphasis on the Data Protection Act and Information Security.

De-Risking Your Data - Essential advice for reducing data risks.

This whitepaper examines the strategic need to understand where data risks arise and outlines the basic steps which can be taken to bring those risks under control.

Directors Brief - The Threat Within

This directors’ briefing provides the main findings of research into attitudes to data theft. It also includes some straightforward advice on reducing the risks to your organisation from data breach and theft by your employees.

Essential Security Technologies for GDPR

This whitepaper produced by data compliance experts DQM GRC will attempt to clarify the specific security needs that organisations must consider arising from the GDPR and will highlight some of the key technologies that may help.

GDPR Impact Research Report 2 - Protection

This report is the second of a four-part series that focuses on the likely impact the new GDPR will have on business critical processes. The "Protection" report specifically covers how organisations can protect themselves and comply with the new legislation - and ultimately avoid becoming the next data disaster.

Getting to the Root of the Data Quality Problem - Fix Once

When you have data quality problems, what you want is to get rid of them. Most companies with poor data quality focus on the technical solutions but it's much better to get to the source of poor data and fix the problems once and for all. This white paper introduces a 5 step methodology for resolving data quality problems permanently.

How to do a data security risk assessment

Protecting your organisation's data is a top priority, but where do you start? The whitepaper covers the process of information risk and data risk security auditing with a basic template for you to follow, helping you protect your business.

Minimising People Risks

Data governance is a suite of policies and strategies that ensure compliance, data security, data quality and IT assurance. It is also a process that has to be enacted in day-to-day business activities every time personal information or sensitive data is being handled.This white paper explains the context in which data governance solutions are now being adopted. It describes the challenges and requirements around information and IT assurance and offers a solution which is agile, flexible and scalable enough to meet this new demand.



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