Apteco Ltd is a world class software supplier committed to developing the best marketing data analysis and campaign automation software available. Using the latest visualisation and analytical techniques for customer segmentation, data mining, predictive modelling, profiling, multi-channel campaign management, reporting, and much more, Apteco’s FastStats® software suite provides marketers with access to the information in their business. 
With a fast, visual and truly easy to use interface, FastStats enables marketers to gain valuable insight and achieve better targeted, easier to measure and more cost effective marketing. FastStats is proven in hundreds of installations with thousands of users worldwide. Clients include: Argos, Costa, The Financial Times, The Guardian, JP Morgan, Oxfam, Tesco Bank, TUI, Unilever, and many more in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia.
FastStats Discoverer™
FastStats Discoverer is Apteco's flagship product providing the main customer interface for train of thought analysis and visualisation of your business data. FastStats Discoverer provides a unique combination of speed and power for data exploration, data mining analysis and customer understanding with the option to add extra modules for additional campaign management and data modelling functionality.
FastStats PeopleStage™
FastStats PeopleStage is an interactive multi-channel campaign management application. It enables multiple users to implement marketing process flow diagrams that describe and automate marketing programmes. Using FastStats PeopleStage users are able to plan highly personalised and timely marketing communications that operate automatically. This powerful and easy to use software offers new levels of visualisation, interaction and automation for direct marketers. Working alongside the FastStats analytical applications users are able to utilise powerful segmentations, analysis and predictive models for targeting and personalisation.

Reports & Whitepapers: 

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