New legislation bringing a significant shift in data responsibilities means that all organisations – public and private, big and small – must ensure they hold personal data both securely and strictly in accordance with the consent granted by the individual concerned.

Individuals should be able to control their personal data, which they share with third parties such as companies and charities, schools and hospitals in order to receive a better service. We’ve always taken this view and now a growing body of legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is making it law. Consentric is a unique specialist software solution that helps companies not only comply but also demonstrate compliance.

Consentric is a fully configurable platform that holds personal data and integrates easily via APIs or UIs into an organisation’s IT systems. It can even be white labelled. Cloud-based and delivered as a service, it can be up and running in less than 24 hours. With three user interfaces – the original portal, a digital widget and a citizen portal where individuals can manage their data – it will show exactly what data is held, under which of the six categories of lawful data processing, and how it is used. It also provides a complete audit trail should an investigation be necessary down the line by collating and storing the exact permission status of each piece of data.

The type of consent and permission status is controlled via clear user interfaces, allowing organisations to accurately capture and display owner sentiment and how he or she would like to engage. Changes can be made in real time, triggering acknowledgement notification, and a robust upgrade roadmap means our platform will always be up-to-date with new legislation.

Organisations running Consentric enjoy full transparency when it comes to the personal data they hold because it gives full control to the data owner. This means customer care teams spend less time sorting permissions and resolving customer complaints, making it easier for them to build trust between themselves and the person concerned.

Consentric represents a new approach to data protection.

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