Why the Universal Data Hub?

How to transform your business and customer experiences by connecting data across every customer touchpoint
The explosion of marketing technology has brought today’s businesses new and more relevant ways to communicate and engage with their customers. But as innovations emerge, so do the vendors and technologies required to keep up with customers’ expectations.
The number of marketing technologies available to businesses has soared in the last five years – from about 150 in 2011 to over 3,800 in 2016, according to ChiefMarTech.com. And a study by eConsultancy and Tealium found that businesses use on average more than 20 marketing technology vendors to deliver their campaigns and customer experiences. This rapid expansion of vendors has created significant challenges for marketing, technology and management teams alike – making it difficult to build cohesive, end-to-end customer experiences because of gaps between marketing technologies, the data they leverage, and how they are implemented. 
Download this report by Tealium to understand
  • What is a Universal Data Hub, and what should you look for?
  • Four Key Tenets of the Universal Data Hub
  • The four core problems it solves for organizations
  • How to decrease operational lag, inefficient teams, poor customer experiences, and legal and data-privacy risks


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