Swipe Right: Moving consumers from an on/off affair to a committed data relationship

How to move consumers from an on/off affair to a committed data relationship
Having spent two years preparing people, processes and technology for the new data protection environment of GDPR, many brands have been left feeling dumped, weakened and out-of-pocket. 
For consumers, the new law has clearly changed the way they view the relationship and the data-value exchange. Just as GDPR intended, they are now making the running with commercial organisations and, for many, it’s become an on/off affair. 
Consumers who chose not to consent may well come back into market and decide to engage again. When they do, however, it will be with a much clearer idea of their rights and how to exercise them. 
Download this report from DQM GRC to discover how to:
  • How to make sure you are ready when former customers get back in contact
  • How to reset the data relationship
  • What can give your brand appeal so consumers start the data-value exchange
  • Ten questions to ask about your data relationship with consumers

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