The role of data in digital transformation

The role of data in digital transformation
The exponential pace of disruptive innovation is fundamentally changing the way enterprise organizations do business. In response, companies are looking to digital transformation initiatives as the key to the discovery and development of new business models and long-term business survival. According to Richard Foster from Yale, the S&P 500’s average age of a company since 1959 was about 58 years. It’s now down to 15, and Foster predicts it’s going to be 12 years by 2020. For digital transformation initiatives, there’s no time to wait, says Ray Wang, Principal Analyst, Founder and Chairman of Constellation Research. “Digital Darwinism is unkind to those who wait.
“We’re talking about a 3x to 4x compression in terms of age of a company since the 50s and 60s. So, if you’re not making the shift - if you’re not even moving in that direction - you’re probably going to be merged, be acquired, or go bankrupt.” Ready or not, the future is here. For enterprise organizations, it must be a data-driven one.
MicroStrategy recently sat down with Ray Wang to get his insights and advice on the role that data plays in digital transformation and the advantages an Intelligent Enterprise has moving forward. We hope you’ll find this analyst, author and influencer’s insights a valuable resource for learning, looking ahead and leveraging data to drive and accelerate your digital transformation efforts.
Download this report from MicroStrategy to discover:
  • What are some key actions or traits common to transformational companies?
  • How does an organisation move forward with developing a data-driven culture?
  • How important are digital artisans in a data-driven world?
  • What should enterprise organizations consider when looking at AI?
  • How important is having a data platform and a single source of truth for all data?

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