Developing A Data-Intensive Application

Point Solutions vs. A Unified Data Platform: A Quantitative Comparison
Data is undisputedly the lifeblood of every organization. All organizations experience their own data challenges and their own data needs based on specific sets of business requirements. This has led to a diverse set of requirements for supporting data-driven applications, as well as a preponderance of data management technologies available in the marketplace to support these requirements. 
Many of these tools and technologies provide specialized capabilities such as relational data management, document data management, business intelligence, natural language processing, data integration, and more. Further, over the next few years, the amount of data and the number of tools are forecasted to continue to expand. This trend has given rise to the need for simplification, consolidation, and the introduction of integrated data platforms.  
Neuralytix interviewed two different development firms to compare how they developed the same dataintensive application using different approaches. QPAIR used various point solutions to build the platform and application, whereas Aluna Group built the application using InterSystems IRIS Data Platform, a unified data platform that provides comprehensive data management, interoperability, and analytics capabilities in a single product.
Download this report by Neuralytix on behalf of InterSystems to achieve:
  • Lower development cost
  • Faster time to deployment
  • Simpler ongoing support and maintenance


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