The 6% solution: How customer data drives marketing & business performance

For the third consecutive year DataIQ, in association with Royal Mail Data Services, conducted research into the use and management of customer data amongst senior marketing, data and analytics practitioners.

This year’s report provides a year-on-year comparative analysis into the marketing challenges and the issues associated with the use of customer data. It has revealed that nearly 60% of organisations are now concerned that their own customer data may not comply with the GDPR and 43% have expressed concerns about data sourced from third-party data providers

Worringly, it has also found that 28% of organisations have no plans to approach customers for fresh permission to market to them and 20% do not know whether they will seek fresh permission from their customers.

This report is essential reading for marketers and data professionals. It aims to provide you with new insights to help build your business case for driving marketing performance and business growth by improving customer contact data quality.

Some other key findings include:
  • Customer churn is at 19.8% and showing an upward trend
  • 52% of companies cite new customer acquisition as their biggest marketing challenge
  • Customer data quality is getting poorer with sharp increases in problem areas such as incomplete and out-of-date data
  • With the clock ticking on compliance with the GDPR, addressing the problem of poor quality, un-permissioned contact data is high on the agenda for many organisations
  • And, as the GDPR deadline grows closer, there is a risk of individuals becoming bombarded with permission requests and choosing to decline/ignore. Is your repermissioning strategy underway?

Download this research report today to find out more. 

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