DataIQ GDPR Impact Briefings 2018 

Mobile | Regtech | Relevance | Readiness

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is causing a once-in-a-generation shift in the balance between each individual’s rights and control over their personal information and the commercial interests of organisations who want to make use of it.
When enforcement begins on 25th May 2018, all parties will be eager to discover how the new law will play out in the real world.
To gain a heads-up on the expectations among consumers and intentions among firms, DataIQ has conducted exclusive B2C and B2B research. For the third-year running, this insight programme will reveal where data subjects and data controllers are well matched and where they might need to mind the gap.
Our highly-rated GDPR Impact series of briefing events is your chance to get a first-look at the findings, gain a legal perspective on what to do in the final countdown, and practical, solutions-led support for your compliance and governance programme.
Our impact briefings have concluded for 2018, you can download the research findings using the download links below.

Mobile and Digital Data

With mobile now the primary interface between consumers and brands, tracking data has never been more important. With GDPR classifying data such as device or location as personal information, getting it right in terms of compliance and consumer acceptance is critical. Learn what the pinch points are and how you can resolve them.

  • How are preparations for GDPR affecting the type of digital and mobile data being collected by organisations?
  • What do consumers think about their digital and mobile experiences?
  • How is personal information used and reflected in the customer experience?

Click here to download the research report by DataIQ and Tealium to find out more.

How technology can support GDPR compliance

Governance and compliance have not been a major focus for investment in supporting technologies until now. Learn what organisations have implemented or are planning to introduce in the form of regulatory technology (“regtech”) as they become compliant, and hear about the solutions that offer robust support for your own programmes.

  • What GDPR Articles can be supported by new software technologies?
  • What’s the best way to tackle Records of Processing requirements (Article 30) and managing consent (Article 7) using new software?
  • How well do these ensure long-term GDPR compliance?

Click here to download the research report by DataIQ and DQMGRC to find out more.


Accuracy and Relevance

Existing obligations to keep data accurate and up-to-date are extended by GDPR because of heightened rights of access and portability. This event will cover:

  • What are consumer attitudes to GDPR and how organisations use their data
  • Whose responsibility do consumers think it is to keep data up-to-date? - theirs or yours?
  • Do organisations believe they are trusted by consumers to manage their personal information?

Click here to download the research report by DataIQ and REaD Group to find out more.



Data classification, process documentation, consumer preference centres - these are some of the central elements of successful GDPR programmes, Find out how organisations have been ensuring they have addressed the key elements of the new law, while also gaining practical knowledge and what you need to tackle ahead of deadline day.

  • Where do organisations expect to feel the biggest impact from GDPR?
  • To what extent is being data-savvy a new skills set among consumers?
  • How is data management evolving to meet the new regulatory requirements?

Click here to download the research report by DataIQ and Experian to find out more.


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