GDPR Impact Briefings

In just over a year the General Data Protection Regulation will become enforced on all UK organisations. In that time firms, like yours - which rely on personal information to generate value - need to ensure your culture, processes, policies and technologies are compliant. 

Building on last year’s first-to-market insights and fully-subscribed series of events, this is an opportunity to benchmark your level of preparation and to gain an understanding of consumer concerns, as well as to sense-check your own GDPR plans against what the broader marketplace is considering. 

It is also your first chance to learn what our exclusive new research reveals about the impact of the GDPR on you and your customers.

Each event is delivered by DataIQ in partnership with business partners who offer specific domain expertise and solutions to help you become GDPR compliant. Each session will also offer expert legal insight into how the GDPR will be converted into UK law and what enforcement will look like from May 2018.

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8:30-11:15am 16th March 2017, Mishcon de Reya, London WC2B 6AH

  • Who do consumers believe are responsible for keeping their data safe?
  • Are companies adopting the right culture to ensure this responsibility is taken seriously?
  • What impact does a data breach have on the business model - and is this changing?

Learn what role data protection processes play in building customer trust and ensuring the organisation has compliant and sustainable data to drive its business processes. Plus, hear what new demands, like 72 hour notification of data breaches, mean for business.

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8:30-11:15am 23rd March 2017, Soho Hotel, London W1D 3DH

  • How much do consumers notice errors in data when they receive communications?
  • What steps are companies taking to ensure any changes and updates are populated across the business?
  • Is data quality improving year-on-year?

Explore one of the most intractable challenges - data quality - through insights into the impact it has on customer perceptions of the business, as well as how organisations are adapting to new requirements to ensure data is accurate and up-to-date.

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8:30-11:15am 30th March 2017, TBC Central London

  • What is the moment of truth for the consumer when asked for personal information?
  • How much notice do they pay to privacy policies and what value exchange do they expect?
  • How are organisations testing the impact of new requirements for consent?

Discover what resonates with the consumer and how businesses are preparing for new permission obligations. Also, see what shifts have taken place year-on-year, especially around the importance of permission to the business model.

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8:30-11:15am 20th April 2017, Mishcon de Reya, London WC2B 6AH

  • How does a business capture the data trails thrown off by consumer behaviour and understand their “intention casting”?
  • Is yielding this insight what the consumer intends?
  • And how do you on board clickstream with known customer data effectively?

Hear how consumers have recognised the way they are being tracked online and what attitudes they have towards this, as well as the benefits which organisations are starting to realise from following this digital footprint. Plus, how to ensure this practice remains compliant in the wake of GDPR’s broader definition of personally identifiable information.


Places at each event are strictly limited and the subject is likely to create high demand so reserve your places soon.

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