DataIQ Future Conference | Thursday 19 October | County Hall, London

Speakers & Presentations

Helen Mannion
Head of BI, giffgaff

giffgaff: Transforming a team starts with transforming yourself
In the three years since Helen Mannion became head of business intelligence at giffgaff, her team has grown from five people to 30. In the same time, the business itself has doubled in size. Supporting that expansion, sustaining growth and maintaining executive buy-in during such rapid change is always a challenge.
In this session, Helen will discuss how leadership programmes not only gave her the skills and confidence to lead the BI function through this transformation, but also changed her life, from a lifestyle reboot to taking on non-executive directorships. With the continued evolution of the demands being made by the business on BI and the skills it requires to meet them, her journey demonstrates how innovation needs to be backed up by personal progress, too.
Helen will explain the importance of recognising individual strengths and career goals when building a future-proof team that combines hard techniques with soft communications and engagement. She will also consider how to maintain a positive brand and organisational culture within a team through phases of rapid growth and how senior practitioners can move from hands-on involvement to hands-off leadership.
Helen became head of business intelligence at giffgaff in June 2014. 

Her job is to help the business make more effective decisions, remove the noise and allow it to see how it can develop and improve, all through converting raw data trails into meaningful intelligence. She was previously head of analytical innovation at Telefónica UK, having worked at the company since joining as a senior analyst in December 2005.

John Hutchins
Head of connected home, EDF Energy bluelab

Making the connection from smart homes to smart business
Smart meters are being rolled out to every household in the UK with the immediate benefit of accurate bills. Beyond this lies a vision of far more granular energy management, identifying what appliances are being run and offering support and advice on how to use energy more efficiently.
EDF Energy is leading thought in this field through its innovation centre, bluelab. Its connected home divisions goal is to leverage the data and analytics opportunities being opened up by smart meters and connected devices in a search for value for both customers and the company.
In this session, head of connected home, John Hutchins, will explain how bluelab operates, the new insight into customer and appliance behaviour which is being generated, and how it plans to develop new services based on data and analytics.

John joined EDF Energy bluelab this Summer to lead the innovation lab’s work on leverage data streams from smart meters. He has worked at EDF Energy since November 2010, first as strategy manager, then head of generation and wholesale market strategy, before working for a year as head of analytics, reporting and insight in customer sales and marketing.


Ozgur Tohumcu
CEO, Tantalum

From zero to one - the data-driven future of vehicles
Connected vehicles sit at the fulcrum of data-driven technological change, from parking-as-a-service at the consumer end through to pay-as-you-pollute in Smart Cities at the other. Creating a platform that captures, models, manages and monetises the data streams generated by vehicles, drivers and the infrastructure they use is emerging as a major opportunity and a new category of intelligent service.
Tantalum has created the marketplace for aggregation and monetisation of vehicle-related services. The company specialises in extracting and interpreting data from vehicles using its patented models, algorithms and libraries.  Tantalum then enriches that data with external contextual data and output from its models.  Using the results, Tantalum has unique and valuable insights for the end user, both about the vehicle and how it is driven. These insights are used to deliver relevant and valuable services to drivers with monetisation through one-click payments, such as cars which can find and pay for their own parking.
In this session, Ozgur Tohumcu, CEO, Tantalum Corporation, will explain how his company is bringing together cutting-edge patented technology, automotive expertise and engaging user experience to deliver services addressing every day needs of drivers such as parking, fuel savings, safety, accident management, road side assistance, saving on insurance premiums, and pollution prevention.

Ozgur has 20+ years of expertise in building and delivering digital products. Prior to his current role at Tantalum, Ozgur was responsible for Ericsson's Digital and Cloud business for Western Europe and led a number of digital transformation programs. As CEO of Tantalum, his focus has been scaling Tantalum’s products to customers in automotive, telecoms and insurance industries. Ozgur has an MSc in Technology Management from University of Pennsylvania.

Matt Jeffries
Group director, insight, analytics & CRM, Global Media

One button or one-to-one? Transforming the radio business
Radio today works much the way it always has - listeners push a button and spend time listening to their favourite station. But change is coming, from voice-activated devices in the home right now to in-car streaming dashboards in the near future. A captive audience remains the major selling point for broadcasters, but digital channels are now also making individuals more visible and interactive.
Global, the media and entertainment group, has significant UK reach - 30 million adults every week across web, social, TV and radio - yet is also experimenting with a dynamic new experience for its app users and has developed an award-winning ad targeting system to leverage huge digital data sets. So how does the business transform itself to embrace changing audience behaviours at an individual level while retaining the close relationship it has with them en masse?
In this session, group director of insight, analytics and CRM, Matt Jeffries, will give an overview of the radio industry in a time of change, the initiatives being pursued by the company, and the new consumer behaviours that are emerging. 


Matt joined Global in 2013 in the newly-created role of group director of analytics and insight, adding responsibility for CRM in January 2014. He was previously analytics director at Sky for two years from 2011, following a year as head of customer lifecycle management and insight at TalkTalk. Matt spent four years as market and consumer insight DIS EMEA for The Walt Disney Company from 2006 to 2010.


Marcin Druzkowski
Senior data scientist, Ocado Technology 

Ocado - building better data science, delivering better customer service
Customer service is at the new frontier of data science with machine learning and artificial intelligence being applied to complex challenges, many of them rooted in the interpretation of language. While many practitioners cut their teeth on spam detection, training models to understand customer issues requires high volumes of data which only the biggest organisations have.
Drawing on his experience of customer email classification in the call centre, Marcin will explore what it takes to build, deploy and tune a successful machine learning application. As a software engineer, he has background experience in how to ensure the successful productisation of models. From live deployments in Ocado, he also has insight into the way business challenges need to sit at the heart of data science projects - and how they can change and evolve, leading to a need for flexibility in the way data science teams engage with lines of business.


Marcin is a senior data scientist at Ocado - the largest online grocery retailer. He has 6 years of experience in building data products using machine learning. Marcin is also a Python enthusiast - with expertise in processing and analysing big datasets (TensorFlow/Spark/Hadoop). 

James Drake-Lee
Head of operations - connected car, Jaguar Land Rover

A new kind of journey 
From connected cars to autonomous vehicles, the automotive sector is undergoing rapid change. Manufacturers must address the engineering challenges while also re-engineering their business model to include new value-driving services. A new eco-system and value chain is being created that spans the lifecycle of the vehicle, its owner, drivers and passengers, and all the interested parties, from service providers and insurers to parking providers and government.
In this session, James will explain how InControl starts this new journey for Land Rover and its customers. He will outline the data streams, rights and obligations which are being created by the latest vehicles and will consider the issues of how they impact on the customer relationship, the nature of the business and even the data ethics involved.
James has been with Jaguar Land Rover for 9 years and is currently responsible for the team that manages the roll-out of Jaguar Land Rover Connected Car features to markets. They operate in 19 markets including UK, US, France, Italy, Spain, South Africa & China. James also oversees the team delivering operational support for all live markets. This includes the Telematics Service Desk which provides 24/7/365 second-line & third-line technical support for all Connected Car markets.

Neil Carden
Commercial Director, Merkle Aquila  

Helping analysts thrive
High quality analysts, data scientists and data engineers are precious resources.  How do we create an environment which allows them to thrive?  What motivates them and how do we meet their needs?  How do we ensure that they can make a difference?
We’ll explore the theory and practice of how to create the right environment for analysts.  In particular, we'll look at how to harness rapid technology evolution and new sources of data. 


Neil has been enabling brands to systematically make better, evidence-led decisions for their customers for 20 years. He has worked in financial services and retail across Europe and the US ensuring that the customer is at the heart of day to day and strategic decision making. His tool of choice is customer data (both big & small data). His focus is creating the people, process and infrastructure engine that efficiently and effectively transforms customer data into change for customers at the shelf edge. Before joining Merkle Aquila, Neil was the Insight Director for the Co-operative Group, developing the insight operating model to simplify and speed up the deployment of actionable insight to business decision makers - putting the right nugget of customer insight in front of the right decision maker at the right time.


Nick Walker 
Former director, connected solutions, RAC  

How new technologies are necessitating change the insurance industry 
Technology is becoming such a fundamental part of the automotive world that unless insurers embrace it, they will die. With this stark warning, Nick will examine the challenges that telematics present to the insurance industry and also to drivers’ willingness to be tracked, especially as they gain new rights under GDPR.


Nick is an independent specialist in all things IoT. He has over 35 years of international technology business experience with the last 15 years in the field of telematics and connected car. His experience includes start-ups and corporates, includes leadership roles at Masternaut and RAC Telematics and was involved in the first UK telematics pilot at Norwich Union.  
Nick is now an advisor, Non Exec Director and consultant to several businesses in insurance, leasing and fleet. He is also a guest speaker at conferences, and was keynote speaker at Future Decoded.

Duncan Locke 
Senior performance analyst, RFU and director of performance solutions  

Analysis in elite sport - the use of data to understand and improve performance
Duncan will share insights into how utilising performance data in the pursuit of tactical, technical and physical gains is now an inherent part of the coaching process. However, with data comes risks with regards to quantity, quality and relevance. Understanding your data sets’ pertinence to performance is critical to maximising it’s benefits in a seriously competitive and highly pressurised environment.


Duncan has worked in elite sport for over 15 years. He operates closely with coaches and performance teams, providing support across a variety of tactical and technical sports including the Senior England Rugby Team and The GB Cycling Team.

Alongside his experience as a performance analyst, Duncan has significant knowledge of delivering multi-disciplinary projects. He collaborates with sport and business industry leaders to provide systematic and innovative solutions to performance issues.

Duncan spent five years at the English Institute of Sport (EIS), initially in a multi-sport role, working over a number of Olympic and Commonwealth sports including canoeing, wrestling and water polo. In 2006, he worked for the GB Cycling Team on a full time basis as a senior performance analyst and attended in excess of 30 international events as part of the EIS support team.

Since joining Insight (formerly PGIR) in 2010 as a senior performance analyst, he has been responsible for developing and implementing a variety of analysis processes to help enhance the coaching process at both senior team and pathway levels. He provided analysis support as part of the senior England management/performance team at two Rugby World Cups, three Summer Tours, five Autumn International Series and six 6 Nations Championships (including the 6 Nations winning team of 2011 and Grand Slam winning team of 2016).

David Ward 
Head of new technology, innovation and connected home, Dixons Carphone 

Dave has been at Dixons Carphone for over 18 years in various positions across the business in services, commercial and technical roles. He heads up Dixons Carphone’s expansion into connected home, where he is working on platforms, partnerships and product development.
He previously headed the Dixons Carphone own brand computing business responsible for design, sourcing and manufacturing - Advent became a leader in new technology launches across the computing categories, being first to market with many technologies. Dave has also led the design and launch of the new categories areas within Dixons Carphone for smart home, wearables and smart watches, creating dedicated areas across the Dixons Carphone store estate to demonstrate and grow these categories. 

J Cromack  
Practice CEO, MyLife Digital 

Not enough love and digital understanding
Research reveals that there's not enough trust between citizens and organisations and definitely not enough digital understanding of what happens after a customer entrusts a company with their personal data. But GDPR presents us all with the opportunity to address that. The new legislation, enforceable from 25th May 2018 gives back control of personal data to the citizen. In this session J Cromack will share his passion and understanding of Citizen empowerment to deliver digital understanding and digital responsibility. Leading you to achieve best practice so both parties discover the meaning, value and power in data, and strengthen trust.
Key Learnings:
  •  Get Data Protection Right! Whether its GDPR or the Data Protection Bill you must keep the citizen at the heart of this journey. 
  •  Drive Engagement through opportunity – consented data is quality data, improve your customer engagement, make it meaningful.
  •  Adopt a unified trust platform – Managing citizen data across the organisation will require a single source of data truth.
J Cromack, Co-Founder of MyLife Digital, and CEO of MyLife Digital’s Practice division which incorporates Wood for Trees, a data and analytics business focused on the charity sector and Insight, a sports performance analysis business working with National Governing Bodies and Elite Sports Teams. MyLife Digital have developed the Consentric Platform, which enables organisations to rebalance control of the personal data they hold on a citizen - with the citizen, an essential component to comply with the GDPR.  J is an advocate of delivering ‘informed insight from informed consent’. 
He has a wealth of knowledge in the commercial and not for profit sector and management experience gained from various leadership roles. As a business owner, he has sought to transform the marketing services sector and his entrepreneurial spirit remains at the heart of his approach. His rich understanding of Big Data and Analytics enables him to provide innovative solutions to marketing challenges and support the transformation of organisational performance.
He is a Bath Rugby fan and keen sportsman, often taking part in Tough Mudders or cycling events. In 2015 he co-founded Revolve24, a global series of 24-hour cycle endurance challenges.

Tom Nowell  
Customer data and marketing database manager, Virgin Atlantic 

Future of Customer Data – Great journeys lead to great destinations
In an evolving world of digital communications and technology, organisations obtain more data than ever about their customers. With the power of this information being realised, it has become increasingly important to understand what advancements are on the horizon and what needs to be done to stay ahead of the curve – today, tomorrow and in the future. 
Tom has worked with Virgin Atlantic and its data for over a decade. He has seen first-hand the changes that have impacted the industry, particularly within a brand that strives for the best possible customer experience, and holds safety as one of its upmost core values. In this session, Tom will look at how the evolution in technology, the expansion of the digital universe, and expectations of the new generation will affect us all more than ever in a post GDPR world and beyond.
Tom is passionate about using technology to harness pertinent data and insight, and delivering valid, bona fide business benefits. His work ethic is guided by the strong belief that the correct technological solution should be aligned with the most appropriate strategy. This ensures the best message is delivered at the right time, through the most appropriate channels. With over 10 years’ experience in CRM and data-driven marketing, Tom has been involved in many digital solutions that delivered powerful communications. He prides himself on providing exceptional customer experiences by bringing key insight and marketing strategies to life.
Tom is now working as Virgin Atlantic’s Customer Data and Marketing Database Manager, having previously been employed with RAPP as an Account Director across multiple sectors, including automotive, travel, leisure, financial, pharmaceutical and charity.

Caroline Florence
Founder, Insight Narrator and DataIQ Leaders

Busting the skills gap myth and taking control of the problem
The skills gap in our industry only exists if we narrow our focus and search for the unicorns.  To take control and future proof our industry we need to focus on what got us to this great place in the first place and by building on what we have.
DataIQ Leaders is focused on equipping data professionals with the skills to meet current and future demands for teams who can deliver value to the businesses they work for.  
In this session, one of our experienced training Associates, Caroline Florence, shares her experience of working in and with this sector and her thoughts on how soft skills training can future proof the effectiveness  of data teams.


Caroline Florence is the founder of Insight Narrator, an independent training and coaching consultancy that helps professionals working with research and data increase the impact of what they do.

As a thought leader in insight she provides a number of training programmes for the DataIQ Leaders Programme, including courses on storytelling, getting better briefs and facilitating action from insight.
With 15 years insight and analytics experience prior to becoming a trainer and coach, Caroline has first-hand experience in developing insight capabilities within her teams. Caroline has a unique combination of insight, intelligence and consulting experience gained from senior agency and client-side roles with Royal Mail Group, Bass Retail, Masterfoods, Incite and Synovate.

Jen Brown 
Director of marketing EMEA, Tealium

Delivering a 1st Class Customer Experience with 1st Party Data
Concerned that The GDPR will ground your customer engagement?  Fear not the fines, Tealium invites you to consider the opportunities this legislation affords us to reduce reliance on 3rd party data, leveraging our owned data to create a 1st Class Journey for our customers.  This 1st party data will take centre stage in a post GDPR world, achieving the, up til now, elusive, single customer view.  Tealium will convey how we can take a common sense approach to break down silos across our businesses, using our existing martech stack, data and people to create a trustworthy value exchange, using our strongest asset: our data.


Digital marketing expert Jen Brown is the Director of Marketing EMEA at Tealium, the leading platform in real-time customer data solutions and enterprise tag management. 
With over 18 years’ marketing experience in the technology industry – transitioning from client to vendor side – Jen has a unique insight into the needs of brands. This experience, combined with her commitment to customer service and drive for results, makes her perfectly placed to lead the marketing charge. 
Jen’s previous experience spans several areas – VoIP, networking, analytics, cyber security, and unified data to name a few – and she has over eight years’ experience managing pan-EMEA digital marketing programmes. Her previous roles include Marketing Manager at NETGEAR, Manager of Digital Marketing Services EMEA at Webtrends, and Senior Manager EMEA, Online Acquisition at Trend Micro. 

Jennifer Rouband
UK & Ireland VP, Dataiku

How to become a large-scale data innovator: from aggregator to orchestrator
Today, almost all companies in a wide range of industries call themselves data driven. After all, not being data driven in this day and age is hardly an option - those that don’t embrace it are edged out. While they do likely use data at some level to drive decisions, how many of these organizations are practicing data science at scale and have a data culture throughout? Or are regularly deploying data projects into production for business-impacting results? The number of companies at this level is much smaller.
Jennifer Roubaud, UK VP here at Dataiku, will speak about what it takes to become a large-scale data innovator. She will focus on the criteria required to build a data culture, pitfalls to avoid on the path to data team scalability, and real-life use cases on successful deployment of data projects at scale.


Jennifer Roubaud is the UK and Ireland VP for Dataiku, a data science software editor enabling companies to build and deliver their own data products more collaboratively and efficiently. Prior to leading Dataiku’s operations in the UK and Ireland, Jennifer led the international expansion of a division of a FTSE 100 company, after having previously spent several years in Management Consulting, primarily focusing on telecommunications and media companies in the EMEA region. Jennifer has an MBA from Columbia Business School as well as an MsC in Management from Ecole de Management de Lyon.

Simon Woolley
Head of Commercial, DQM GRC

Managing customers in the post GDPR world, insights into technologies evolving to address the challenges of GDPR
Meeting the demands of the new data legislation, both the GDPR and e-privacy directive, will have a profound impact on the way marketers interact and manage data on customers and prospects, not least on the broader data landscape.  Getting it right will build confidence and trust with customers, driving brand and business value.  Getting it wrong then fines could be the least of your challenges.
Getting it right will involve handling vast volumes of data generated across channels, and the rigour needed in reporting accurately all consents and customer interactions.  Together this points to the absolute need for effective technology (RegTech) solutions.   
This session from leading GDPR consulting firm DQM GRC looks specifically at key challenges around managing consent and maximising permission from customers and highlights two automated solutions in data (process) mapping and permission management that can provide cost effective solutions.  
Key learnings:
  • What are the legislative changes coming in terms of consent and permission management
  • What you should be doing now to be ready for 25th May
  • How RegTech will prove to be a godsend
  • Two proven solutions that can make a difference giving marketers confidence that they can deliver trust to their customers and companies.


Simon Woolley started his career in Financial Services as a qualified Independent Financial Advisor in the 1990’s, before moving in to the banking technology sector. Since then Simon has gained a reputation working with corporations of all sectors, finance & other, globally to implement and benefit from emerging technologies. Simon is a regular speaker at international conferences on how information & technology can help address ever evolving issues affecting the business community.
With almost 10 years experience with Thomson Reuters European Governance Risk & Compliance business, Simon is currently responsible for DQM GRC’s commercial team & partner engagements.