DataIQ Future Conference | 08:30-17:00 20th October | London

Getting ready for the future? Start here.

Rich with opportunity or full of uncertainty?
Market disruption or dynamic acceleration?
Data-rich and technology-enabled or increased threat?

To understand what the future holds you need to look closely at the data and apply predictive analytics. To understand how data and analytics are developing, you need to be part of DataIQ Future 2016.

As the UKʼs leading agenda-setting event, DataIQ Future 2016 will deliver unique insights into the strategic forces shaping the economic, social and business landscape for the rest of the decade. With business leaders, academics and domain experts providing high-level insights, it is the place to start your strategic planning.


Four themes, one vision

DataIQ Future 2016 reflects a belief that the future is being shaped by four major forces: technology, investment, data and regulation. The event is based around these themes to focus the lens of its single-day executive knowledge upload onto a common challenge - how to be future-ready.


Forecasting the future - new trends in machine learning and artificial intelligence are transforming analytical practices. What is the commercial horizon for these techniques and how do commercial organisations embed them into their decision making?


Funding the future - investors from the private and public sector are racing to develop profitable data-driven services and technologies. What are the investment strategies in the data industry and what role does demand analysis play?


The future of data - a combination of new technologies and techniques is shifting the balance between companies and their customers. Will blockchain be part of the new data management and intent broadcasting and how will pseudonymisation impact on data and analytics?


Controlling the future - from regulatory changes to a new social obligation, the framework in which companies capture and use data is changing. What will be the next area of focus for regulators and how will your business demonstrate it has the right ethical values to maintain customer trust?

People will be attending DataIQ Future if:

  • their business relies on data to drive value;
  • they use analytics for business-critical decision making;
  • they want to understand emerging trends in a holistic context;
  • they work with personal data and want to prepare positively for new EU data regulation (GDPR) or the Brexit equivalent and to build strong trust with their customers.