The 4th data IQ Annual Future Summit

Data in the DNA - Evolving to survive in the new digital ecology


The presentations are available for download from the programme page


Are you competing on analytics in order to stay ahead of the competition, both established rivals and industry-disrupting new entrants?

If your customers are throwing off behavioural signals, has your business been “datafied” in order to read them?

If your market is demanding personalised pricing and service, have you become a “datavore” in order to deliver them?

Business models are facing greater transformational challenges than at any other time as a result of the impact of digital and mobile technology, combined with the rising power of social networks. Just keeping up with the options is no longer enough - your company needs to get ahead.

This year’s DataIQ Future Summit focuses on the transformations taking place across society, business and technology that will dictate your business, data and IT strategies for the next five years.

Topics will include:

  • Visions of change - Expert insight into the key trends emerging within consumer behaviour and business requirements. Speakers include The Future Foundation and Juan Mateos-Garcia, economics research fellow, creative and digital economy, Nesta.
  • Changing the business - Real-life examples of business transformation to move the model forward by adopting customer-centric processes based around data and analytics. Speakers will include Pete Markey, chief marketing officer, Post Office and Ken Macpherson, director of data, Telegraph Media Group
  • The game-changers - Disruptors of industry models and innovators supporting the process of culture transformation among existing players through data, analytics and technology. Speakers coming soon...


The presentations are available for download from the programme page


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