Data, DMPs and the new normal

A DataIQ Business Class in association with Merkle

We all know that consumer expectations are getting harder and harder to meet. Customers know we’re collecting data on them. They’re giving us permission to use it. And if we can’t manage it effectively – across channels, devices and media – the experience we deliver will fail to live up to today’s expectations.

Understanding the how and why of connecting this across platforms and channels will be the difference between those brands who use insight, and those who deliver people-based experiences. Platforms like Google and Facebook are innovating to meet the need, but we need to connect the data to drive engaging and convenient experiences to our users and customers.

Connecting 1st and 2nd party data, mapping behavioural data to customer analytics with all of our media touchpoints and results is now a pre-requisite as part of a modern communications strategy.

And the Data Marketing Platform or DMP sits at the heart of it.

This DataIQ Business Class in partnership with Merkle gets beneath the surface of DMP’s.  It addresses the confusion and looks at strategies against set DMP objectives that companies need to consider.

Join us on November 17th at 3.30pm to understand the new normal in today’s data world and the opportunities that DMPs can deliver to your business.

This session will cover:

  • People-based marketing, and why integrating the digital and traditional data sources is essential if you want to succeed
  • New data strategies for today’s marketer – embedding behavioural and digital data as part of your BAU
  • Opportunities and strategies for building and/or maintaining your DMP
  • The newest innovations in platform marketing (Google and Facebook) and what that means to your data.

The Programme

3:30pm Registration – tea/coffee  
3:50pm Welcome & introduction David Reed, DataIQ
4.00pm People-based marketing – the how and why Ben Gott, Merkle | Periscopix
4.40pm DMP success strategies - who is making it work today Case studies & Azlan Raj, VP Channel Optimisation, Merkle 
5.10pm Panel discussion David Reed, Chair
5:30pm Presentations end  
till 6pm Networking drinks  


Please note that this is client-side only event.