Wednesday 28th February, OXO2, South Bank, London

Roundtable Topics

As an attendee of the DataIQ Discussion delegates will have the opportunity to attend three different themed roundtables over the course of the day to learn, share and discuss that theme with their industry peers. Many data professionals face similar challenges but find different ways to overcome them - this is an opportunity to exchange those experiences in a conversational environment.

The roundtables operate under Chatham House Rules - nothing that is discussed at DataIQ Discussion will be attributed to any brand or individual - so delegates can feel comfortable and relaxed about their conversations.

Do I need a customer data platform?

Until recently, data management platforms and customer relationship management systems operated in separate realms. DMPs existed to support media owners and operated at an audience level. CRM supported the one-to-one marketing interactions driven by the brand. Now, the two systems are converging as organisations seek to apply the depth of knowledge they have on customers into their media channels and also ensure they keep ownership of critical data.
This roundtable will consider:
  • Defining what your customer data platform should include (and what to leave out)
  • Integrating data flows across the ecosystem
  • Building-in compliance from the start to keep your platform sustainable

Realtime customer analytics

Location-based offers and services, live betting odds, current stock levels, intention targeting - the need for real-time customer analytics has never been greater. Ensuring you can identify, interpret and respond to specific customer actions as they happen is no longer restricted to digital marketing, it can underpin the entire business model. Given the data volumes and complex web of systems involved, it is also a significant challenge.
This roundtable will consider:
  • Where real-time is essential and when latency is acceptable
  • How to create the right environment for real-time analytics
  • Identifying the value and appropriate outputs

Managing consumer preferences under GDPR

If consumers respond actively to the rights they will gain under GDPR, then the preferences they express are likely to become more dynamic than they have ever been. The data management task could be daunting, from creating an auditable trail for the specific preferences provided through to building a preference centre where consumers can exercise their rights. Despite this complexity, enabling consumer preferences is not optional - and it should be considered an opportunity.
This roundtable will consider:
  • Understanding exactly which preferences need to be supported under GDPR
  • Options for creating and managing a consumer preference centre
  • Communicating the options and building positive relationships with consumers

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