Steve Tootill

Chief executive officer
helpIT systems

Steve is an original pioneer in data quality and co-author of the initial matchIT application for cleansing and enhancing customer data. 

After a solid grounding in development and distribution of packaged software in the UK and APAC, Steve established helpIT systems over 20 years ago to remedy a lack of matching software that would make use of all the data that a company held about its customers.

Steve continues to engage with the newest data quality developments and insights, with a special interest in AI and the impact of GDPR on the market. Currently dividing his time between the UK and Austin and New York in the US, Steve oversees helpIT and its US arm 360Science, with responsibility for global product strategy.

helpIT/360Science are internationally recognised by industry analysts as leaders in the field of contact data matching, enabling establishment of an accurate single customer view. helpIT's 2,000-plus clients include many Fortune 100 and blue-chip companies in the US, UK and 27 other countries.

Contributions by this author:

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