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Scratching beneath the surface of data headlines

 A press release landed on my desk on Tuesday with a bold claim. UK database analysts are earning less than half the salary of their peers across the pond.

Research from Redgate Software proclaimed that the average salary for a UK database administrator is $44,483, 47% of the average wage in the US of $94,176.

I thought, "that could be true. Everything is bigger is the States."

Graph of salary by country

Peace (and data protection) be with you

Knowledge of GDPR has spread far and wide, so it really should not have been much of a suprise to Toni Sekinah that she was handed a privacy notice upon entering a place of worship. She took some time to reflect on whether awareness of and respect for the personal data of individuals is becoming more and more widespread.

Data journalist for a day

For an evening and a day in early Summer, I had the opportunity to be a data journalist. Usually I am a journalist who writes about data, so I jumped at the chance to spend a bit of time at the coal face and see exactly what is involved in a data hack.

Being put on notice about privacy

Up and down the country and probably across the entire continent of Europe, people’s email inboxes are filling up with requests to “review our updated privacy policy,” now that the deadline for GDPR-compliance is nearly upon us. Toni Sekinah laments the user-unfriendly nature of a particular privacy notice that she has recieved.


Data ice breakers

I’ve noticed that many reports about big data and the data economy will start with some wild and wonderful figures. Here’s a round-up of a few of them. Maybe you know all of these things already but others around you might not. So, drop a couple at the bus stop or a dinner party and watch jaws drop and eyebrows rise.

The onward march of algorithms and the biases contained within

“Algorithms are coming. Embrace them.” This is what I was told at a party Saturday evening by a machine learning specialist when we broached the subject of automated decision-making. Thanks to what I’ve learnt by researching this matter,  I have reservations, not least that bias can creep in very easily. So is it a case of coming, ready or not?


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