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Telling your AI from your I

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest topics right now, covering a range of industries. The trouble with a hot topic is that it is often accompanied by a lot of hot air. So here is our guide to help you demystify what it is and how it can be used by marketers to shape customer relationships.

3 acronyms that spell confusion for the data industry

Acronyms are supposed to save time. Where lengthy terminology might get in the way of communication, they are a quick sign post of common knowledge. But only if there is a genuinely shared agreement about what the short version stands for or represents. Here are three examples that are currently causing confusion around the data industry.

Filter bubbles and fake news - welcome to the 2017 election

Political campaigns are created around a core narrative. That’s why “strong and stable” on one side is pitching against “hard Brexit” on the other, with little in the way of nuance or detail. The paradox of this year’s general election campaign is that these simplified positions are being played out in the highly-targeted arena of social media. Sharp tools with blunt purposes.

What the Unroll.me mess teaches us about privacy post-GDPR

Public apologies are supposed to show a business has learned its lesson and is correcting its course. But that was not the case with blogs posted this week by both co-founders of Unroll.me, a free email unsubscription service owned by Slice Intelligence (itself a division of Rakuten). Instead of having the salutory effect most PRs would advise, their messages came across as, “hey, dummies, how did you think we did this without charging you?”

Who dares wins

A presidential order has freed American ISPs to harvest personal data and compete with online giants like Google for advertising dollars. But are they just monetising a broken business model when there is a better alternative, wonders Ctrl-Shift CEO Liz Brandt.


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