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Risky business? Aligning governance and board-level risk management

In October 2014, the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) published its latest changes to the UK Corporate Governance Code. Geared towards ensuring that UK-based businesses identify and manage risk properly, the code affects all those listed on the London Stock Exchange. But over a year on from the publication of this new code, are businesses taking it seriously and what can they do to demonstrate that the measures they have in place are both appropriate and effective?

How do you know your data agency is doing its job?

As a client, how do you know that your customer database has been built well, that it is fit-for-purpose? For nearly 30 years, I have been building customers databases and delivering insight and communications for my clients. The name has changed over the years - marketing database, marketing warehouse, single customer view, more recently CRM, marketing automation or even data management platform - but, whatever they are called, they all rely on well-structured and accurate customer data.

Shutting down shadow IT stifles innovation

Shadow IT is a very real issue facing businesses of all sizes today - it encompasses every aspect of a business. This includes day-to-day processes employees use to complete tasks right through to the management of IT systems. Gartner expects that 35 per cent of enterprise IT expenditure will go on shadow IT resources by 2016. While organisations are aware of the trend, they often don’t appreciate the scale of it.

Fair or free-for-all?

Consumers are about to gain new rights which may lead to complaints about data collection and usage.

With all eyes on Brussels for sign of agreement on the General Data Protection Regulation, many data practitioners have assumed it will be early 2016 before they know what the new framework will look like. But why wait until then when you get into trouble with a regulator from 1st October this year?


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