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Lindsay Pellow of The Co-operative Group enjoys working in data and analytics because she is always dealing in logic, reason and fact-based evidence. She tells Toni Sekinah about her expanding remit and why working alongside two other data and analytics managers overseeing a pool of data scientists is an ideal set-up.
With today's publication of the Select Committee's report on Facebook and social media, the question is now being asked as to how to stop the same issues from happening all over again, especially during the next round of elections. David Reed suggests the solution is to stop taking them for what they claim to be and start treating them for what they really are.
Connected devices are in every part of our lives; in our vehicles, our places of work and our homes. But what happens when you let a connected device into your bedroom and bed. Toni Sekinah advises caution when making kinky connections.
When GDPR mandated the role of data protection officer, it was primarily as a customer interface and compliance position. But new initiatives, like AI and ML, are pushing DPOs towards issues like data ethics. Neil Currie of Crowe considers the implications.
Through its work with companies like credit reporting agency Experian, IBM’s Data Science Elite Team has amassed a wealth of experience on how to carry out successful data science projects. That experience has resulted in the formulation of four principles of best practice, including ‘taking the bias out’ and ‘tell and sell the story’. Seth Dobrin of IBM told Toni Sekinah how other companies can put these learnings into practice.
Lara Izlan has worked at a range of companies including AutoTrader, The Telegraph, Disney, OmniSky and AOL Europe. She tells Toni Sekinah why she finds mentoring so fulfilling and why balancing purpose and pleasure can lead to happiness in work and life.
UN’s International day of women and girls in science is an opportunity to highlight the massive gender disparity in academic and career achievement in STEM. To highlight the opportunities which are open to women in data and analtyics, here is what 13 women from DataIQ's 2018 100 who studied STEM subjects said when asked, "so - why did you choose data?"
The Metropolitan Police have been getting too up close and personal with the citizens of London with facial recognition technology trialled on the residents and commuters of Romford. Toni Sekinah explains why this is not a good thing.
With Google and other major brands in the headlines for breaches of data protection laws, any company storing personal data needs to take a long, hard look at its processes. Steve Tootill, CEO of helpIT systems, considers how data matching can keep your business out of the regulator’s sights (and out of the media...)
Anthea DeSyllas believes there is no such thing as too much communication between herself and the team she manages, and amongst the team members themselves. She tells Toni Sekinah how she moved into data from engineering, what were the transferable skills that allowed her to flourish in data and why having a good boss is so important.
Mike Bugembe has years of analytics experience under his belt and has taken the learnings from that experience to help companies to get maximum value from their data. His vehicle for doing so is his debut book ‘Cracking the Data Code.’ Toni Sekinah spoke to him to find out the why engaged leadership is one of the key factors for a success in data implementation.
Data management and privacy is a challenge for three out of ten business decision makers of financial services companies in the UK and the US over the next five years. Toni Sekinah reports.
The UKRI’s Strategic Priorities Fund has awarded £9.2 million to the Alan Turing Institute, the British Library and researchers from different universities to fund the five-year ‘Living with Machines’ project. Toni Sekinah reports.

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