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When an exhibition visitor chooses to challenge one of the founders of Women in Data over a perceived issue with positive discrimination, it is time to ask, what's your problem, mate? After all, we are still some way off being able to say that the job of achieving gender balance and eliminating negative discrimination has been done, writes David Reed.
Notonthehighstreet bills itself as the home of thoughtful gifts, however, its data architecture was not built with much thought to its changing needs, resulting in a clunky system. Benjamin Davison, technical lead of the data team, explained what was wrong and what tools were introduced to create a better system. Toni Sekinah reports.
There is a lot of talk surrounding artificial intelligence, but not as much clarity on what it is, how it works and the best way to deploy it in a business. Antony Bourne of IFS recently shed some light on how AI can benefit an organisation and deliver tangible results. Toni Sekinah heard him speak.  
The universities of Dundee and Strathclyde are hubs of activity for the data and analytics industry, helping to supply the highly-skilled professionals which industry needs. I spoke to the convenors of their data science master’s courses to find out how the curricula developed and how they adapt to fast-changing demands of the sector.
Nominations are open for the 2019 edition of the DataiQ 100. So what has happened since this year's list was published in February? And who will be in the next one? 
Data ethics are being given ever-increasing amounts of thought and even media coverage. But what do they actually mean in practice? Helen Lippell, a taxonomy, metadata and search consultant, recounted her experience of putting data ethics in place in a real-world project.
TI Media, one of the largest media companies in the UK, is undergoing a digital transformation that includes new data architecture. Data intelligence manager Yemi Okunade described the nine-month journey of identifying the key problem, the possible courses of action to solve that problem and the benefits of the tools and services chosen.
Manchester’s Inward Investment Agency has commissioned The Data City, a new company launched after a longstanding collaboration between the Open Data Institute Leeds and Bloom Media, to map Manchester’s emerging technologies. Toni Sekinah speaks to co-founder Alex Craven.
Facebook has barely been out of the news in the last year and rarely have the headlines been good. That is quite a challenge for its new head of global policy and communication. David Reed proposes three things Nick Clegg might do to change the mood.
A hackathon by Royal Mail earlier this year was not just a case of using data-for-good - it also proved to be an effective recruiting tool. Toni Sekinah spoke to its organisers, Wade Munsie and Ben Dias, about what motivated them to adopt such a "crazy idea".
Diversity in data makes good business sense and more diverse talent can be brought into the data and tech sectors by showing young people from all backgrounds the kind of career they could have in analytics. This is according to Jennifer Major, head of IoT at SAS. Toni Sekinah found out more.
What are the steps that both organisations and individuals should be taking to become more data literate? A panel of data experts considered the issue at the launch of the Global Data Literacy Project, which is billed as a global community dedicated to building a data-literate culture for all. Toni Sekinah listened to their top tips.
When the boss of Apple talks about the harmful effects of data harvesting, it doesn't just set the brand apart from digital platforms like Facebook and Google. It puts it firmly into the camp which is arguing for ethical, user-controlled data-driven services. David Reed reports from Brussels on how the mood is shifting away from a tech-based free-for-all.

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