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If you run your business on spreadsheets, it is hard to transfer knowledge and easy to miss something important, like Ryanair just did. It could so easily have been avoided, argues David Reed.
Today’s digital world is rapidly changing as the boundaries between physical and digital disappear. This has created many opportunities for marketers. But there are hurdles to jump, from adopting new technology that combines online and offline data to acquiring a new skillset that makes sense of the rising tide of data.
Concluding an explanation of the eleven data science and machine learning technologies that Gartner says are on the up this year, Toni Sekinah reviews the remaining six.
According to new research, only 32% of UK organisations plan to significantly invest in data and analytics. Adrian Gregory, CEO of DataIQ Leaders, advises on how to get executive buy-in for your proposal and the key components of a good data strategy. 
A survey of software developers from four different countries has revealed that many see data and analytics as key to career development. Toni Sekinah finds out why brogrammers are seeing pound signs in zeroes and ones.
As investors continue to bet on the future value of machine learning and artificial intelligence start-ups, they should bear in mind one question - where will the data come from to keep those machines running? 
US-based credit reference agency Equifax is reeling from a data breach that has exposed personal information on half of American consumers and potentially every UK adult. David Reed looks at what we know about the event.
As Alteryx continues its power play of democratising analytics, CEO Dean Stoecker explains to DataIQ how the rapidly-changing needs of business are driving demand for its platform.
There are eleven data science and machine learning technologies that Gartner says are on the up this year. Here are explanations of the first five of them.
Does what happened to charities over their use of personal information matter if you are not a charity? David Reed argues that it does if you realise the importance of speaking out against the anti data-driven business agenda.
Asking for records to be deleted is widely expected to be the GDPR right adopted by most consumers. Meeting that obligation presents significant technical problems for companies, however, always assuming they can agree on what the Regulation really demands. Charlie McKelvey investigates.
Disconnected data is an obstacle to efficiency within organisations. This is according to research that found that, on average, workers believe their organisation would see a 28% increase in efficiency if all necessary data were better integrated. Toni Sekinah investigates.
Unlocking the power of individual online customer data can help brands to arm themselves with granular insight to deliver the experience that consumers crave and which many brands have lost, says Jaywing's Mitch Vidler.  

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