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Anecdotal evidence from a leading data protection lawyer suggests that some US companies are still not prepared for the enforcement of GDPR. On the other hand, the results of an online readiness test undertaken in the US and Europe imply that key principles of GDPR are being carried out by approximately half of US organisations. Toni Sekinah compares and contrasts.
  So, with just one week to go before GDPR enforcement begins, what is your attitude towards your customers and their potential to exercise newly-granted or enhanced rights over their data? If you have really understood the intention of the Regulation and also heard the mood music among the general public, then Friday 25th May 2018 should be when you choose to walk down the aisle in a new and promising union, says David Reed.
WIll AI and algorithms remove prejudice from our world or perpetuate it? This was a topic discussed by three experts in AI, big data and financial services. Toni Sekinah reports.
Up and down the country and probably across the entire continent of Europe, people’s email inboxes are filling up with requests to “review our updated privacy policy,” now that the deadline for GDPR-compliance is nearly upon us. Toni Sekinah laments the user-unfriendly nature of a particular privacy notice that she has recieved.  
Talented data professionals exist all over the world and technology allows data-driven organisations to tap into that talent, no matter where they are located. Managing a team across different time zones has challenges, so how do managers of global data teams cope? And what are the benefits? Toni Sekinah spoke to three top data leaders to find out.
Just when you think preparations for new Regulations are nearly over, along comes another one. A revised ePrivacy Regulation is going to prove challenging to users of digital channels and the world of ad-tech. But as David Reed finds out, they are already struggling to adjust to GDPR.
Amazon is undoubtedly a leader in collecting, storing and analysing customer data. Christon Mallett, marketing manager for Amazon Fire TV App Store is a member of the UK board of glamazon, an Amazon Affinity Group that promotes the diversity and visibility of LGBTQ employees. Mallett is also part of the Lesbians Who Tech community and at the end of last year, Amazon hosted the first London Lesbians Who Tech Summit. Toni Sekinah asked her a few...
Could your Netflix habits help the Bank of England to set interest rates? That's the very real possibility being considered by the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street as it seeks to revise the way it understands how markets operate, having spectacularly failed to do so during the economic crash. David Reed considers the risks.
The Open Data Institute (ODI) and Sport England have come together to create an accelerator for startups that work with sports data – the OpenActive Accelerator. Toni Sekinah reports.  
You are already asking for consent to market in electronic channels, so does that automatically mean you need consent for data processing across the board? While it is one of the six lawful bases under GDPR, David Reed discovers why it might also be a big mistake to choose this option.
Big data coupled with artificial intelligence can create a number of opportunities for organisations in financial services. But what are the specific use cases? According to three experts, prime among them is the creation of virtual investment advisors. Toni Sekinah reports.
What’s in your GDPR grab bag? At last week's DataIQ GDPR Impact event, experts from Sheridans and Experian offered their ideas for what your last-minute preparations should include. With research showing just how much work is left to do, David Reed finds out how to spend the next three weeks.
GDPR becomes enforceable in a little more than three weeks, so what should companies be doing if their efforts have so far been lacklustre? At least get the engine running was the advice from a senior policy adviser at the ICO at a recent DMA roundtable, because something is better than nothing. Toni Sekinah reports.

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