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If your instinctive reaction to the General Data Protection Regulation has been one of fear and anxiety, then it’s time to breathe out and move on. Consumers are not only aware that a new law is coming, they have become significantly more willing to share, according to our latest research.
The Data Science Campus of the Office for National Statistics has a mission to do “data science for the public good.” Managing director Tom Smith spoke about the partners and projects the Campus is working with to achieve this aim. Toni Sekinah listened in.
With more consumers now willing to share their data if the conditions are right, it is up to organisations to test the most effective ways of engaging in the data-value exchange. It may mean new processes or technology, but that is so much better than the alternative.
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) serves as an opportunity for you to re-evaluate and reconsider numerous aspects of your data and marketing processes. Not just because you must - but because you should.
Since Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the 2016 US presidential election, claims and counter-claims have been swirling around about what might have tipped the poll in his favour. Two factors have been the focus of repeated discussion - fake news and targeting of ads. A Department of Culture, Media and Sport select committee has recently been taking evidence about the first of these.
Innovation and government are two concepts that are not often thought to go together. For that very reason, they are one of the five thematic areas that Nesta, the global innovation foundation, has chosen to focus on, as Eddie Copeland explained to David Reed ahead of speaking at DataFest18.
Artificial emotional intelligence software Human can detect emotions and characteristics from a person’s face during a hiring interview and score the candidate accordingly. By automating first-round interviews, the firm is aiming to saves recruiters time and remove human bias from the hiring process. Toni Sekinah spoke to founder and CEO Yi Xu.
In her own words, Orsola De Marco recognises that being head of start-ups at The Open Data Institute is “quite a unique role”. It is also one that has expanded significantly since she joined two years into the ODI’s growth path, as she explaned to David Reed
Ashley Kramer has worked in data and analytics for almost her entire career. The VP of product management at Alteryx told Toni Sekinah her career path has taken her from Nasa to data and how seeing women in senior data positions has inspired her to reach out and inspire the next generation of female data professionals.
“Algorithms are coming. Embrace them.” This is what I was told at a party Saturday evening by a machine learning specialist when we broached the subject of automated decision-making. Thanks to what I’ve learnt by researching this matter,  I have reservations, not least that bias can creep in very easily. So is it a case of coming, ready or not?
With aircraft travelling at top speeds of almost 1,000 km/h, according to Tim Lum, head of data and insights at Virgin Atlantic, airlines need to pick up the pace when it comes to the agile delivery of projects. He told Toni Sekinah what is involved and why rival airlines are really "frenemies".
Every aspect of our lives today is data-driven. Being technically savvy is the new norm. From downloading music to tracking our exercise and ordering the weekly shop, through to crime prevention and medical diagnosis. It’s also worth an estimated £20 billion to the Scottish economy. That is why at The Data Lab, we do everything in our power to help Scotland realise the full potential of data. 
Today is International Women’s Day and the campaign theme for this year is Press for Progress – a call to action to press forward and progress gender parity. DataIQ has long put a focus on women in the data industry, highlighting the gender disparity in this sector and looking at what initiatives, programmes and events are in place to redress this imbalance. Toni Sekinah spoke to three prominent women listed in the DataIQ 100 2018 to find out how far we’ve come - and how far we’ve got to go.

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