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When it comes to technology, manufacturers are not just thinking about robotics - 28% predict big data analytics, including customer insight, will play a bigger part in the next three years, according to a new survey. Toni Sekinah reports.
Canon Medical Research has been given £140,000 to develop a prototype that combines artificial intelligence and medical imaging to improve the assessment of one of the most difficult cancers. Toni Sekinah reports.
If artificial intelligence were to be called intelligent assistance instead, fewer people would fear it, but also fewer investors would fund it. This was one of the statements made by Dr Hannah Fry at the Royal Society of Arts. Toni Sekinah reports.
Everybody who has ever read a privacy notice will know how turgid the language can be. In addition, they can be as long as dissertations. But a new website has been set up to help people better understand the privacy policies of financial services companies. Data Rights Finder was created through a collaboration of Open Rights Group and Projects by IF. Toni Sekinah reports.
In the wake of GDPR, California has rapidly introduced new data privacy laws in the form of the CCPA. As the homeland of the very tech giants which the Regulation was aimed at, this might seem remarkable. But as NetApp's Elizabeth O’Callahan told DataIQ, the new Act may not be as challenging.
The new General Data Protection Regulation can help restore trust among a suspicious public when it comes to organisations and their use of personal data. Consentric’s chief commercial officer J Cromack explains how. 
A new educational programme to help students and adult learners expand their digital and data skills has been launched by CompTIA. Toni Sekinah spoke to Graham Hunter, vice president of certification EMEA, about giving people the basics of data and databases.
Filtering fact from fiction online is a hard task, but a group of PhD researchers has come up with a model to identify fake news on Twitter. Axel Oehmichen, a PhD research associate at the Data Science Institute at Imperial College London, has been conducting some work on the topic - Toni Sekinah sat in on a presentation of his findings.
Just 1% of businesses are fully data-driven according to a new survey of decision-makers from the UK and Germany which asked how their organisations are moving from business intelligence to data analytics. Toni Sekinah spoke to Sam Sibley at Exasol which commissioned the report.
Sudip Trivedi, head of data and analytics, and connectivity business partner at Camden Council, has a vision for the borough of Camden in London to be a smart borough. He tells Toni Sekinah why good data quality and a council-wide open data platform are integral to this vision.
If you are going to fix the UK economy, you need to think digital - and that means deciding what to do about data. IPPR has done just that in a new report on improving prosperity and justice for all. So what would it mean for the data industry if its ten-point plan were actually to be adopted? David Reed considers.
There are some quirks of the hiring process that infuriate all job-seekers, regardless of the industry they aspire to work in. What about those looking to work in a data- or analytics-based role? Toni Sekinah spoke to one successful data job hunter about the obstacles in the way of getting their dream job.
For analytics professionals who want to put their skills to use on a nont-for-profit project, there are several obstacles in their way, such as schedule availability. However, a new platform is about to go live where volunteer analysts will be able to find and work on projects that match their availability and skill set. Toni Sekinah hears from Lisa Green and Rayid Ghani, the founders of DSSG SOLVE.

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